The iPad for Travelling

The iPad is our absolute FAVORITE travel gadget and we take it everywhere when we travel! In fact I can’t remember what travelling was like before owning one.

The iPad
Photo from Sean MacEnteeWhile travelling, this awesome device is everything from my connection to home (with FaceTime, Skype, email and Facebook) to entertainment while travelling (Videos, books, music and games) to my Internet browser, to my work computer (I can post blog posts, tweet or update Facebook posts and do other tasks for my businesses), to storing, editing, and uploading photos and video and much much more.

My goal is to show you why it should be your favorite travel gadget as well! It will be hard to do it on this one page, so I will ask you to click on the links throughout this page to get more information that is suited to you.

Why You Will Love the iPad

You will have an all in one entertainment, internet enabled, travel gadget (for lack of a better word). You most likely won’t need to lug a laptop around with you. Even if you are concerned about the on screen keyboard, there are lots of keyboards you can purchase to use.

Most importantly however, the time will go by faster on those long, boring travel days. There has been many times where I didn’t want a flight to end because I wasn’t finished watching a movie I had brought with me. Good thing I can just pick it back up and continue on on the next flight!

You Can Watch YouTube on It

You will want to get a good pair of headphones for your iPad and don’t forget to download some great video, music and of course some apps to use. And then you are off!

My Experience

I can’t imagine life without it anymore. We started with the original iPad, and purchased it in Las Vegas before they came out in Canada (where we live).

I chose the WiFi (non 3G) version as the only time I would need 3G is if I was travelling in Canada. As most of our travel is overseas, or to the USA, I didn’t want to have to worry about getting a 3G account and you can find WiFi just about everywhere. I have not regretted this choice at all.

When I first got it, people asked to try it out or at least just see it, and were really impressed. Nowadays, the guys sitting next to me usually has one too! In less than 2 short years they have almost become a staple in many traveller’s carry on bags.

I use lots of apps and games while travelling and make sure they are up to date before I leave home!

Then the iPad2 came out. I resisted. I thought nah, it can’t be that much different. That lasted about 3 months.

The main reason why I ended up purchasing my the second version was the camera in it. Now I could take photos and videos with it, or upload them with my camera connection kit, edit them on it, and post them to the internet right away. That is a really bonus for me, especially for my other website Excellent Vacation Ideas!

It is faster and lighter and to be honest I like having the “latest and greatest” iPad. Call me a gadget nut but I guess this is why I started this website in the first place!

The Good and the Not so Good

The Good:

All in one entertainment system with you whenever and where ever
Internet always with the 3G version or where ever there is WiFi with the WiFi version
A place to store and capture photos and video while travelling
Light and easy to use
Can link it to your iPhone with a portable hotspot if you have a WiFi version
Some really cool accessories are available
Can take hundreds of eBooks with you and not have to carry physical books
The Bad:

You really need to purchase a case to protect it
Some functions aren’t possible on it yet (for me I can’t create and upload web pages with it)
Some people don’t like the on screen touch keyboard (I bought a Bluetooth keyboard to work with it)

Sydney: Experience Australia’s Capital City This Year

Being the most populous city in Australia, Sydney is the capital city of the state of New South Wales. Not only is it located on the beautiful Australian East Coast, the metropolitan area of Sydney is also home to nearly 5 million people! It is a city surrounded by national parks, rivers, bays and beaches, and inside you’ll find many notable attractions including the Royal Botanic Gardens and Hyde Park. Besides being one of the most visited cities in the world, Sydney is also famous for hosting some of the greatest sporting events too, from the Olympics to the Commonwealth games. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Sydney this year, here are some of the city’s top attractions.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is arguably the most recognisable building in the city. Not only is its architecture is some of the best in the world, but the structure looks spectacular at nighttime. Offering six auditoriums where different concerts, dances and opera are staged, the Sydney Opera House also has a studio where emerging artists can showcase their talents. The aesthetics resembling a whale’s belly is perhaps the reason most events sell out as soon as they are announced, and there’s also the opportunity to get a guided hourly tour of this magnificent building!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Whether you are driving over it, sailing under it or even rollerblading across, you’ll never be able to get enough of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not only is it one of the biggest structures in the city, but the bridge links North Sydney with the central business district. Tourists can experience the best of this bridge by crossing it on foot like many ‘sydneysiders’ love to do, with the view from the top nothing less than breathtaking.

Travelling down under might seem expensive, however you’ll always be able to find cheap flights to Australia at There are loads of great deals to be found online when it comes to airfares, so be sure to compare the market before you book!

Sydney Aquarium

The Sydney Aquarium is perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in Australia, and attracts more visitors than any other attraction. Home to a large variety of aquatic life, it is estimated that there are some 600 species of marine animals at the Sydney Aquarium, with some of the most famous species including sharks, starfish, and platypus among others. By walking through the acrylic underwater glass, you’ll get to experience the Great Barrier Reef coral environment, and also see some beautiful fish swimming above you.

Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery of NSW has an intricate design, an ultra modern exterior and plays a very vital role in Sydney’s society as a whole. You cannot visit Sydney without visiting this Art Gallery to experience the European, Asian and the Australian collection of art that tells the history of the country, as well as the world. Several international exhibitions are common at this art gallery, and a tour guide is usually present to help you understand some of the most intricate paintings of all time. The Art Gallery of NSW also is also home to concerts, courses and celebrity talks.