Things to Do and Places to Visit in Ooty

Tucked in the Nilgiris Hills, Ooty (The Blue Mountains) is a spectacular hill station of South India which bears the Kurunji flowers that bloom once in 12 years. The flowers being blue in colour, offer the hills a blue tinge, hence the name The Blue Mountains. Ooty is also known as Ootacamund. Ooty makes it perfect for a summer, monsoon or chilly wind type of vacations in the months of March to June, July to September and October to February, respectively. Museums and galleries, parks and gardens, religious spots, viewpoints and an all interests covered holiday can be enjoyed in Ooty, catering to all kinds of tourists. The British history can be witnessed in the architecture of the houses.

Ooty can be reached either by air, bus or train. Coimbatore is the nearest airport and buses from Bangalore, Mysore and Chennai run to Ooty regularly. There is also good connectivity of train to Ooty from Mysore, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Bangalore. But, apart from all these options, self-drive to Ooty through the reserve forest area and scenic beauty, is an experience in itself. For within the city commute, there are plenty of jeep/taxi stands ready to go.

Things to Do and Places to Visit in Ooty

Talking about places to visit in Ooty, it ranges from a 46km beautiful toy train journey through tunnels, curves, bridges and beautiful scenery to paddle boating in the Ooty lake. The 22 hectares Botanical garden, Stone House turned into Government Arts college of Ooty, Doddabetta Peak at an altitude of 8606 feet, speedboat rides at Pyakar falls, Elk Hill Murugan Temple, Rose Garden, KamarajSagar lake and many more make Ooty one of the most picturesque locations, making it perfect for a vacation.

Serving well to the adventure junkies as well, one can grab fishing license and indulge in Angling. Horse riding by the hillsides, hand gliding point about 20 km away from Ooty, mountain biking in the Nilgiris, a day out at Black thunder theme park and a family outing at Jolly World Children’s park can be enjoyed. For the ones who wish to relax and unwind, Ooty also offers great yoga retreats.

Sidewalk Cafe, kababcorber, savoy, Shinkow’s Chinese restaurant, Willey’s coffee pub, Garden restaurant, Hotel Sanjay, Earl’s secret, Virtue bakes and many more offer a wide variety of cuisines and food options for all the tourists planning to visit Ooty. Right from Indian to Chinese to fast food, Ooty has got it all covered. Shopping in Ooty is like no other. Away from the ordinary, it is known for arts and crafts, fashion accessories and books.

Like any other famous tourist destination, Ooty hosts all kinds of stay options, be it luxury or budget type. Taj Savoy Hotel, Hill Country Holiday Resort Lovedale, Fortune Hotel Sullivan Court, The Monarch Ooty and The Gem Park – Ooty fall under the luxury stay category which offer every amenity one could ask for for a king like treatment. Ooty hotels like Hotel Lake view, Sinclairs Retreat Ooty, La Flora Camberley Resort, Astoria Residency, Kluney Manor and Hotel Emerald Ooty are the few among many other budget stay options which also promise a comfortable stay along with picturesque balcony views.


Camping in the winter may not sound like the way you want to spend your winter days, but if you do you won’t regret it. The season offers a whole new array of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you travel with a tent packed in your trunk, or you have a RV, there is something for everyone. Check out the places to go and things to do in the chillier months of the year.

Activities for Families

Couples with younger kids often shudder at the idea of spending a vacation cramped inside a tent or RV with their children in the cold. However, just because the summer sun isn’t beating down, doesn’t mean that there isn’t fun to be had outdoors. Some of the more popular activities include ice-skating on frozen lakes or ponds, sledding, building snow forts, or making snow ice cream. For families with older kids, you can enjoy some time on the lake ice fishing, hunting in the woods, or skiing on the slopes.

Whether you have children or not, couples tend to especially enjoy the colder camping. The chilly weather encourages cuddling under blankets beneath the stars, something that doesn’t normally happen in the heat of the summer. The cold also makes it a great atmosphere for things like mugs of hot cocoa or bowls of warm soup.

Winter Destinations

The winter season can make some attractions look even more magnificent than in the warmer seasons. One crowd favorite is Mt. Hood in Oregon. In the summer, the mountain is beautiful, but the addition of crisp snow and bright colors makes the view even more magnificent. Another less well-known, but just as beautiful destination is the red cliffs in Utah. The orange and red cliffs and plateaus look even brighter topped with light layers of white snow.

If you really want to see a summer to winter transformation, Picture Rock in Michigan is like two different attractions in one. In the summer, the rock is covered in green and surrounded by water. In the winter, it takes on a whole different look, sporting frozen water and waterfalls and covered in glistening snow. The last winter beauty is Yosemite in California. The view is uniquely wonderful with a combination of cliffs, snow, and trickling waterways. The opportunities are endless.

Whether you decide to camp close to home or drive to one of the many beautiful winter destinations, you will always have something to do when camping in the winter. The snow and ice provide a plethora of activities that aren’t available in the heat of the summer. So what are you waiting for? Start packing!

Incredible Grand Canyon Trips Start with Maverick Helicopters

There are a few visit organizations that offer helicopter flights over the Grand Canyon. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need to guarantee you have an extraordinary affair and an agreeable flight, then you ought to fly on Maverick choppers. They offer a portion of the best visits around.

Free thinker’s South Rim helicopter rides take off from Tusayan, Arizona. Flights over the West Rim take off from Vegas. Vegas helicopters don’t fly the distance toward the South Rim. In any case, you can book a visit bundle with Maverick that incorporates a plane flight from Las Vegas toward the South Rim where you can then exchange to a helicopter to visit the edge. It just takes a plane somewhat more than 45 minutes to fly from Vegas toward the South Rim. The main other approach to get from Vegas to Tusayan is by ground, and that is a 5 1/2 hour transport ride every way! You’ll spare a considerable measure of time by booking one of Maverick’s plane combo visit bundles.

Vegas Flights

The helicopters utilized for West Rim visits leave from two or three areas in Vegas. The takeoff point is controlled by the visit bundle you book, yet you’ll either take off right from the Vegas Strip or you’ll take off from the Henderson Executive Airport. Indeed, even Henderson is just 15 minutes from all the enormous Strip inns. This is an immense point of preference, particularly when you consider that the vast majority of the other visit administrators fly out of Boulder City Municipal Airport. It’s a 40 minute ride to get to Boulder City from Vegas.

Dissident is additionally the visit administrator with the most EcoStar 130 choppers. They’re eminent and particularly intended for touring. The lodge has more space than customary helicopters, and the windshield wraps around the air ship for breathtaking perspectives. The best part is the seats are orchestrated in stadium style, so nobody has a terrible seat with a poor perspective.

When you book a helicopter visit out of Vegas, you can pick an air-just visit or one that terrains at the gorge. Imagination in its visits is the thing that separates Maverick Helicopters from its rivals. Case in point, you can add on an elevated voyage through the Vegas Strip, a perspective of the Valley of Fire, and a fun champagne cookout at the base of the gorge (choppers can fly down to the ravine floor at the West Rim yet not at the South Rim).

Visiting The South Rim

The Maverick visits that fly over the South Rim are thirty or fifty minutes in length. In case you’re short on time, you’ll see a ton on the shorter visit, however the more drawn out one is best in the event that you can swing it. You’ll get the chance to make significantly more progress when you book the more drawn out visit and that implies you’ll see significantly more excellent sights.

Nonconformist visits are comprehensive, so they accompany transportation to and from your inn, lunch with the arrival visits, a visit guide, and all expenses and duties. I adore these comprehensive visits since I don’t have to do any arranging – everything’s dealt with.

Free thinker isn’t the least expensive decision you could make, yet I believe it’s the best. You’ll have a prevalent affair, so the cash is well spent. Also, on the off chance that you book your flight straightforwardly on the organization’s site, you’ll get an incredible arrangement. The Internet rate you get when you book online is typically a considerable measure less expensive than the retail value you pay somewhere else.

Last Tip

You ought to book your Grand Canyon visit ahead of time. A ton of explorers are occupied with 5-star extravagance helicopter visits and the majority of Maverick’s flights offer out before long. Abstain from booking your flight that day if at all conceivable. In the event that you can locate an open seat, you’ll need to pay significantly more, much the same as you would on the off chance that you booked a business carrier flight at last.

Outdoor Winter Activities in Chicagoland

You’ve got to hand it to Chicagoans – they know how to handle extremes of weather! Because when winter comes to the Windy City, visitors might be forgiven for thinking that the only way to handle the sub-zero temperatures is to stay inside and curl up beside the fire with a movie or a good book.

Hardy Chicago residents know the truth of the saying that “there’s no such thing as bad weather – only poor clothing choices.” If you’re prepared to bundle up with the right winter gear, there are plenty of outdoor pursuits in the area to keep you busy during the coldest months. Whether you’re visiting the city looking for Chicago condos for sale or just here on vacation, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can spend your winter leisure time outdoors in the Chicago land area.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Year in, year out, one feature that marks every midwest winter is an abundant snowfall. And while Chicago itself boasts a pretty flat landscape, there are plenty of resorts only a couple of hours’ drive out of town that can offer slopes and jumps that cater to beginners and experts alike.

Wilmot Mountain in south-east Wisconsin offers 25 unique runs across varied terrain to challenge various levels of skiers and snowboarders, with affordable prices for lift tickets, ski or snowboard rental, and lessons. Parents with kids can take advantage of family rates, and snow addicts may be tempted to sign up for a season pass. Visit to find out more about the Wilmot Mountain experience and schedules.

A little closer to town, Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park opened near Hoffman Estates in 1993 as a “snowboard exclusive” area, catering to devotees of the sport who felt like second-class citizens at traditional ski resorts. The result is a terrain park that’s constantly changing and features such as two rope tows, half pipes, kickers, table tops, and a beginners’ “magic carpet.” Learn what draws snowboarders from all over the Midwest

If you’re searching for winter sports in the city, look no further than world-renowned Millennium Park for the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink that enters its ninth season in 2010 and draws more than 100,000 skaters every year. Skating is free, and skate rental is just $10. Open from mid-November thru mid-March (weather permitting), skaters get a fabulous view of the historic facades of Michigan Avenue as they take to the ice. The rink is located at the intersection of Michigan and

ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo

Winter lights are part of every holiday celebration in Chicago, from Michigan Avenue and Navy Pier to the streets of every city neighborhood, and Lincoln Park Zoo is no exception.

How To Have A Mountain Exclusively To Yourself: The Heli Skiing Experience

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most popular winter sports in the world, the problem many of us who love taking to the slopes have is the overcrowding we often see on most of our trips. There is a simple way to avoid the overcrowded slopes for those looking for a quiet area to ski or snowboard, heliskiing can give a small group a private trip to a quiet area in some of British Columbia’s best mountain areas.

When you love skiing or snowboarding the thing you want to see is fresh, undisturbed snow, which often cannot be found on public slopes. Bella Coola Heliskiing offers small groups the chance to find pure, undisturbed snow in a lodge atmosphere to give lovers of winter sports the most unique and most personal skiing trip available.

Heliskiing in BC is more than simply a winter sports tour of the mountains of British Columbia, instead the tours offered are based on small parties that will never become large scale bus trips. Small helicopters lift you and your group to an quiet mountain far from the packed slopes of most ski resorts, and give each group a trip that meets their personal needs. Small helicopters are used to transfer our guests to what will feel like a personal mountain, on which they can ski without the problems of others using the hill with them.

A skier or snowboarder could also develop new skills as they feel, often for the first time the feeling of fresh powdered snow beneath them. When skiing in the packed resorts of Canada the snow is generally compacted and hard from the large number of skiers trying to cram onto the resort slopes. By taking a helicopter out of the resort zones into the beautiful mountain landscapes of British Columbia skiing is suddenly the way it was supposed to be. With feet of thick, moving snow beneath the skier or snowboarder the experience of skiing in Canada will be changed forever.

A small staff in your own private lodge will cater to every need you may have on your personal heliskiing in BC trip. With the safety of guests in mind, we want to make all out guests feel safe and secure on their trip, and have the most enjoyable heliskiing adventure possible. Time in the wilderness of British Columbia never fails to disappoint, with some of the best scenery and skiing terrain available in North America. As a matter of fact, some of the top wilderness resorts in North America joined forces to form “The Magnificent 7” and a quick Google search will show you exactly why they joined forces. Each unique destination offers an incredible opportunity to connect with nature in beautifully passionate ways. For those who enjoy some of the extremes in life, heli skiing in Bella Coola is the way to go!