Choosing the Right Camera

With so many varieties of cameras on the market, deciding which type is the right one for you can be extremely difficult. The easiest way to determine which best suits your needs is by answering a few questions and exploring the options.

What Type of Photography Do You Plan to Do?

This is probably the biggest consideration you make, as deciding what you will photograph is the biggest single factor in choosing a camera that would meet your needs. If you’re not planning to do something serious or demanding, a compact or low-end SLR delivers adequate results.

For documentary and candid photography, where you almost always use a wide-angle lens, consider a rangefinder. However, if you want to cover more specialists’ topics, such as close-ups and sports, an interchangeable-lens SLR system is unrivalled. If you’re after the ultimate look of quality, look for a medium-format SLR system.

For aerial photography special equipment is highly recommended, such as vibration isolation mount, for example, which is used to reduce the vibration from the aircraft and insulates the camera from the operator and the aircraft. Aerial photography is becoming popular as aerial shots are a good way to show an overview of a city or a town, as well as track moving objects.

Digital or Film?

Weather to use a digital or film camera represents on enormous decision. Film is available on a variety of type, but digital images can be manipulated to mimic any film’s characteristics. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but the pendulum is swinging toward digital and, at some point in the near future the demand for film will be too low for manufactures to sustain production. So while has its merits, digital will dominate in the not-to-distant future.

Other Factors to Consider


Expensive cameras offer better build and far more sophisticated features. But do you need these or will a basic camera be as adequate, freeing up the budget?

New or Used

Getting the latest cameras guarantees cutting-edge technology, but the used market is now so large that you can pick up relatively recent cameras at a fraction of their original cost.

Travel Toiletries for Travelers

Chances are that on your next trip away, you will need to use shampoo, soap or other travel toiletries. At least we and the people traveling with and around you hope you will!

Just think, after that long flight, you finally get to your hotel and all you can think of is “I can’t wait to get in that shower!” But wait, you didn’t bring your favorite shampoo or soap with you because the bottles were too big!

You can take a chance with the hotel’s travel sized amenities, but the quality of the products may be questionable. And depending on what type of accommodation you are staying in, they may not even have any.

TThese days you can find many of your favorite toiletries in travel size and if you can’t, then there are some great travel containers and bags you can use and put your favorite toiletries in and take with you!

Not only will that cut down on weight for your luggage, but you can comply with the TSA rules for carry on luggage and still use your favorite products while travelling!

Traveling with Shampoo

Travel size shampoo has become very popular over the last few years. Most of the best brands are making travel or trial sized bottles for their customers.

If your favorite brand is not making a travel size, then look for some great travel containers to take your own with you.

Traveling with Sunscreen

Travel size sunscreen is another item to think of when traveling to your sunny beach or desert or any other hot vacation. I can’t tell you how many times we have been travelling and couldn’t be bothered to pack the large bottle of sunscreen, thought oh well I can buy some when we get there, and then get caught in the sun without any sunscreen. At that point we were wishing we have brought our travel size after sun or aloe lotion!

The iPad for Travelling

The iPad is our absolute FAVORITE travel gadget and we take it everywhere when we travel! In fact I can’t remember what travelling was like before owning one.

The iPad
Photo from Sean MacEnteeWhile travelling, this awesome device is everything from my connection to home (with FaceTime, Skype, email and Facebook) to entertainment while travelling (Videos, books, music and games) to my Internet browser, to my work computer (I can post blog posts, tweet or update Facebook posts and do other tasks for my businesses), to storing, editing, and uploading photos and video and much much more.

My goal is to show you why it should be your favorite travel gadget as well! It will be hard to do it on this one page, so I will ask you to click on the links throughout this page to get more information that is suited to you.

Why You Will Love the iPad

You will have an all in one entertainment, internet enabled, travel gadget (for lack of a better word). You most likely won’t need to lug a laptop around with you. Even if you are concerned about the on screen keyboard, there are lots of keyboards you can purchase to use.

Most importantly however, the time will go by faster on those long, boring travel days. There has been many times where I didn’t want a flight to end because I wasn’t finished watching a movie I had brought with me. Good thing I can just pick it back up and continue on on the next flight!

You Can Watch YouTube on It

You will want to get a good pair of headphones for your iPad and don’t forget to download some great video, music and of course some apps to use. And then you are off!

My Experience

I can’t imagine life without it anymore. We started with the original iPad, and purchased it in Las Vegas before they came out in Canada (where we live).

I chose the WiFi (non 3G) version as the only time I would need 3G is if I was travelling in Canada. As most of our travel is overseas, or to the USA, I didn’t want to have to worry about getting a 3G account and you can find WiFi just about everywhere. I have not regretted this choice at all.

When I first got it, people asked to try it out or at least just see it, and were really impressed. Nowadays, the guys sitting next to me usually has one too! In less than 2 short years they have almost become a staple in many traveller’s carry on bags.

I use lots of apps and games while travelling and make sure they are up to date before I leave home!

Then the iPad2 came out. I resisted. I thought nah, it can’t be that much different. That lasted about 3 months.

The main reason why I ended up purchasing my the second version was the camera in it. Now I could take photos and videos with it, or upload them with my camera connection kit, edit them on it, and post them to the internet right away. That is a really bonus for me, especially for my other website Excellent Vacation Ideas!

It is faster and lighter and to be honest I like having the “latest and greatest” iPad. Call me a gadget nut but I guess this is why I started this website in the first place!

The Good and the Not so Good

The Good:

All in one entertainment system with you whenever and where ever
Internet always with the 3G version or where ever there is WiFi with the WiFi version
A place to store and capture photos and video while travelling
Light and easy to use
Can link it to your iPhone with a portable hotspot if you have a WiFi version
Some really cool accessories are available
Can take hundreds of eBooks with you and not have to carry physical books
The Bad:

You really need to purchase a case to protect it
Some functions aren’t possible on it yet (for me I can’t create and upload web pages with it)
Some people don’t like the on screen touch keyboard (I bought a Bluetooth keyboard to work with it)

Headphone Reviews For Travelers

Headphone Reviews. Trying to find the best headphones for travelling can be a nightmare. I know it took me at least 5 pairs of headphones before I found the best headphones for me!

Headphone reviews And what is interesting is that the earphones that I love to travel with are completely different then the headphones that my husband Warren loves to travel with. We even have a couple of pairs for depending on what we are doing while travelling. So the pair of headphones that you may love, may not be the same as what your travelling partner loves.

Nothing makes a long travel day go by faster and easier than a good pair of headphones to listen to your favorite music on your iPod or iPad or to watch a video with.

Headphone reviewsIt used to be that when I boarded a plane and saw a baby behind me, or heard one crying in the cabin, that I would cringe. After getting a great pair of headphones this is not an issue for me. I just put in my earphones (after take off when allowed by the airline of course) and drift off to my Adele album, or watch my favorite TV show on my iPad or on the airplanes in flight entertainment system.

What really sucks however is when I don’t have my headphones with me and I have to use (or worse buy!) the airlines headphones. You can still hear everything going on around you and they usually hurt your ears. I would rather just listen to the baby!

On whatever part of your trip, travelling, sitting on the beach or by the pool, waiting for a train, or just chilling by the lake, a great pair of headphones will make it that much better!

I found that the best headphones for me are the Bose in ear headphones and the Eers custom made headphones. Warren on the other hand, loves his Bose QuietComfort 3 headphones, his custom Eers headphones and his Motorola Bluetooth headphones.

I have used the Apple iPod or iPhone earphones, and I don’t know about you but after about 10 minutes they are the most uncomfortable earphones. Montana, my 16 year old step daughter, seems to be ok with them, which is good as she loses them