Discover Cannes with an awesome Private Tours Cannes


Are you thinking about taking a trip to a beautiful city? Cannes is a city along the French Riviera. The city is known for its exciting tour packages, restaurants, and the popular Capital of Cinema, the festival also known as the Palais des festivals. Picking one of these packages will enable you to enjoy the beautiful city with special tours including private tours. You may ask yourself why should I take a special tour while visiting this exciting city? Cannes attracts millions of people each year to its city.

There are 10 different special tour packages that were rated by people on trip advisor to be the best packages to choose from while visiting this touristy city. Here are the top 10 packages you will want to book for these private tours Cannes.

1) The first choice is the French Riviera Private full-day Tour With this full-day tour, you will tour Monaco, also known as the world of luxury, and you will get to tour the kingdom of Casinos and the charming hotels. You will discover the Cannes red carpet stairs of the Palais. You will also learn about the medieval village of St. Paul.

2) Private French Riviera West Coast Hilltop Villages, & Lavender Full-Day Tour You will be able to experience the coastal resorts and towns along the French Riviera. You will also be able to visit the bustling markets and visit the Medieval of Saint Paul.

3) Private Day Tour: The French Riviera by Minivan With this tour, you will see the most popular part of the French Riviera with a private day trip from Nice. You will have a tour guide that will drive you along the gorgeous coastal road and bring you to the historic towns and the seaside resorts. You will be able to explore all the fashionable boutiques.

4) Full-day Private Custom Made Shore Excursion – this tour can be customized to your liking. You can choose to tour the villages and the beaches anywhere along the coast.

5) Private Customized French Riviera Full-Day Tour from Monaco, Nice or Cannes. Let yourself experience the best of the French Riviera with a private day tour from Monaco and traveling to Cannes & Eze.

6) French Riviera Panorama Tour Monaco, Monte Carlo, Eze, & Cannes You will be able to tour the French Riviera in 1 day along the coast.

7) Private Customized Half-Day tour from Monaco, Nice, or Cannes – this tour will give you an introduction to the French Riviera, which is a 4-hour tour.

8) Private Luxury Motorboat Cruise from Cannes with a Personal Skipper – this tour

includes a private cruise from Cannes along the French Riviera.

9) Cannes Shore Excursion is a private half-day excursion along the shore where you will get to see the city’s top sights and attractions.

10) If you hire a pilot, you will be able to see views of the French Riviera that most tourists do not see.

Cinema Festival: The most famous Cannes event

This film festival in Cannes is an event that caters to professionals in the film industry and is off-limits to the public, but there is a way you could attend the festival while visiting Cannes.

There is a screening for people who are not in the film industry at Beach Cinema. It is limited and is on a first come, first served basis. The famous Capital of Cinema is best explored with a tour guide on a private tour. With this private tour, you can invite up to 15 people.

The private tour packages are not really expensive and there are many good deals. There is a lot to see in the city of Cannes and at reasonable prices. Discover Cannes today.


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