Four Things to Expect When Visiting a Fantastic Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary

Elephants are among the most beloved animals not just across Thailand, but the world over. They are the largest mammals to walk the planet, standing as one of the most majestic animals on the face of the Earth. Elephants have long played a large symbolic role in Thailand, and, thus, a special place in the hearts of Thai citizens.

Thailand is extremely proud of its native elephant population, and strives to do everything in its power to preserve and protect these global treasures. Elephant sanctuaries have arisen as one of the most popular ways of doing just that. Not only do they provide elephants with a safe place to live, but they likewise allow visitors an unmissable opportunity to visit and interact with elephants. For the elephant experience of a lifetime, you’ll want to drop by and visit an ethical elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

  1. Meeting the Elephants

The best elephant sanctuaries across Thailand endeavor to make it easy for guests to schedule a meeting with the elephants. You’ll be able to book half and whole day visits, and you can get a ride to the elephant sanctuary so that you arrive there in time, enabling you to spend even more time with the elephants. You will be able to change into special jungle-friendly clothing and meet the elephants for the first time, accompanied by trained handlers who will look after the elephants while overseeing your visit and answering any questions you may have.

  1. Lunching with Elephants

All of that traveling is bound to leave you with a bit of an appetite. As such, the best elephant sanctuaries offer fantastic lunch options in the middle of your elephant adventure. You will be able to enjoy traditional Thai soups, vegetarian dishes, and more while sharing your lunchtime space with the elephants on hand.

  1. Going on an Adventure

After lunch, there will be time for even more interaction with the elephants. What shape this interaction takes will be down to the routine set down by the elephant sanctuary, as well as your own taste.

One of the most popular forms of interaction is to go on an “adventure” with the elephants through the jungle-like expanses of the sanctuary itself. This can be a great way to experience the natural beauty of Thailand while being accompanied by your new pachyderm companions.

  1. Your Photos and Farewell

One of the most thrilling parts of any elephant visit is the chance to take pictures with the elephants. It is hard to deny the allure and power of such a photo opportunity, and the best elephant sanctuaries are typically more than happy to oblige in this regard, taking photos of their guests alongside the elephants. Finally, it will be time for a last farewell as you bid the elephants adieu. This emotionally powerful moment itself is sure to be one of the highlights of your visit.

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