Guide to the 5 Best Beaches in Canada


Canada always reminds people abouts its scenic lakes, snow capped mountains, pine trees and quiet country side road. It is the best beach destination for budget travelers in the US who cannot afford to travel too far abroad for a vacation. The following are the 5 best beaches in Canada.

  1. Long Beach

Long Beach is a 16km long beach in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island. There is a large amount of driftwoods from the old forest that  wash up the shore daily.  It is the best beach for people who want to have a long walk on the seashore. The scenery around the beach is always calm and the shore feels comfortable to walk on. Long Beach is suitable for performing activities like beach combing, building bonfire, boogie boarding and surfing. You can climb the Incinerator Rock to get a good view of the ocean.

  1. Thunder Cove Beach

Thunder Cove Beach, also known as Teapot Beach, is a red sandy beach on Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is called Teapot Beach because of the rock formation that looks like Teapot. The rock used to have a handle but it gradually disappear as a result of erosion from the crashing wave. You can climb up the rock to have a good look of the the ocean. You can bring your dog on leash to this beach. There is no parking lot so you have to park by the road side. The entry to the beach is free and there is no amenity provided.

  1. Cobourg Beach

Cobourg beach is a family friendly beach destination in front of Lake Ontario. The sandy shore is a great place for families to play frisbees. There are small pools and playground for children. The water is clean for swimming. Lifeguard is always on duty during swimming hours. At Cobourgh beach, you can have picnic with family members in the area where picnic tables are prepared. Green Canoe Outfitters offers paddleboard, canoe and kayal rentals at the Cobourg beach. On the 5th of August, there will be an annual festival called Sandcastle during which you can participate in sandcastle sculpting lesson.

  1. Grand Beach

Grand Beach is a fine white sandy shore beach on the east of Lake Winnipeg in Grand Beach Provincial Park. It is well known for large sand dunes which can reach as high as 8 meters. Grand beach is the perfect spot for watching different species of sea birds. Travelers can hike the La Vérendrye Trail to arrive on this beach. In the summer, the beach can get crowded with people who have come to swim or perform surfing activity. Grand Beach is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities including campground, restaurants, amphitheater and etc.

  1. North Beach

North Beach is a long sandy beach that stretches for miles on the northern end of Graham Island. On the south of North Beach is Agate Beach. In Agate Beach, you can climb up the lookout point to see Tow Hill and North Beach. Hillen Longhouses is a modern longhouse cabin for people who want to enjoy a view of North Beach. Nearby, you will also find a village that belongs to the Haida tribe called Haida Gawaii. The beach is remote and only few people come here so you can have peace while visiting the beach. During the early summer months, you can visit North Beach to catch crabs, scallops, clams and other marine lives.


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