Have You Ever Visited Vientiane City Center?

Vientiane City Center

One of the best places in Laos to visit is the Vientiane City Center, a city with an interesting and extensive history. If you want to experience the southeastern Asian culture but do so in a relaxed city, this is the place to visit. This beautiful city is home to about 210,000 residents. It is the ideal place to explore, given its climate and many interesting attractions.

An Important Administrative City Historically

When it was first settled in 1000 CE, it was considered an important administrative location. It was the residence at the time of the Kingdom of Lan Xang. Lan Xang translates to “million elephants.” When the city became a capital of the French Protectorate, it became a city of contrasts. It still holds this distinction today. Gaining its independence in 1953, Vientiane is known as the largest city in Laos.

People love booking hotels in Vientiane City Center as they are near the famous Mekong River. Many of the primary roads run next to the stream. Also, you will want to visit Chanthabuli, which contains most of the hotels, restaurants, and government offices. Dining and accommodations are centralized so you can access the various attractions with ease.

What You Need to Do to Get a Visa

You can get into the city on arrival, provided that you bring the required money for a visa. This document can be purchased at Wattay Airport, the Tha Naleng train station, and the Friendship Bridge in Vientiane City. If you want to avoid this type of exchange, you can still get a visa in advance from the Lao Embassy located in Bangkok. Doing so will allow you to see more of the sights and spend a lot less time in queues.

A Common Way to Enter the City

The most common means of access to Vientiane City Center is the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge. While you cannot cross the bridge by bike or foot, you can take a shuttle across it. What you will pay to do so will depend on the day and time of the week. If you plan to see this city when traveling from Vietnam, you can board and take a bus from Hanoi. You will arrive in the city in about 20 hours. However, the price is low (only about $20). You can get on a VIP bus with better seats twice weekly.

One Trip That Is Worth Taking

When you travel from Hue, Vietnam, your journey will take about 18 hours and cost around $30 at the most. Either of these bus rides indeed will offer some extra adventure. If you have been hungering for a truly unique escape, you don’t want to miss this type of travel experience.

Southeast Asia has not been explored enough by people. When people see the countryside and the friendliness of the residents, they want to come back for a return holiday. That is why you want to find out more about this type of travel opportunity. Don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime. Make sure that you include a place such as Vientiane City Center on your bucket list and next travel itinerary.


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