Things to pack for your pet when travelling?

little dog waiting at the airport after a long journey with airline cargo pet carrier and his owner luggage in the background

Traveling with your pet is simultaneously an overwhelming and complicated task. According to a research report of Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, as per anxiety level regarding travel or transportation, any kind of moving probably scores more than 28 out of 43. 

Whenever you want to transport or travel with your pet baby, it is not enough only to buy travel gear for your pet or to hire a transport service. There are too many things that you must consider to match the requirements of your canine kid’s secure and soothing journey.

Unlike you, your fur baby also has some basic travel needs that should be fulfilled. So that your pet would be able to tackle any kind of emergency while traveling. Therefore, getting a travel kit filled with essential accessories for your pet is really very important.

We are here to help you by enlightening you about some of those common pet travel items that you must carry along while moving with your pet.

Let’s take a look at the points:

  • Pets usually like to have fun with their owners, whether they are at home or traveling. But any kind of distraction while driving can lead to an accident. So it is very important to use pet barriers to keep your pet securely confined in the backseat of your vehicle. 
  • Sometimes, cleaning the vehicle seat over and over can be tiring. Especially, when you need to drive a long way. And your pet also needs to get out of the crate for some time. For this, you have to carry a reusable absorbent pet seat cover while traveling with your pet baby. So that you don’t have to clean your car seat.
  • Just like you get benefitted by wearing a seatbelt while driving, your pet also gets secured if it is harnessed properly while moving by a vehicle. Harnesses are also needed to take your pet for travel break walks.
  • Sometimes, your pet may be too elderly or too small to jump on to your high rise vehicles. Ramps will make the way smooth for them to get in the car. There are many kinds of foldable travel ramps available in the market. 
  • Carry seat extensors or hammock to make a bit more spacious seat for your large pet. It will help your pet sit relaxed during the journey.
  • Always carry distilled water to keep your pet hydrated over the travelling process. Giving water to drink in the time of extreme panting or slow down activities will make your pet feel better. Letting your pet drink from roadside tap water may cause stomach problems to it. So, keeping bottled water is a move as a pet owner.
  • If you are going on a long-distance trip with your pet, then it is always a good idea to carry an adequate amount of pet food supplements to satisfy your pet’s tummy grumbles on the way. You can also keep wet food instead of dry ones so that you won’t need to carry much water. Preserve the food items in a cool place to protect them from spoiling. 
  • Carry spill-proof food bowls to fix inside the crate as pets get irritated in the wet surroundings. Get folded food bowls that become flat after collapsing. Those take small space to carry in the bag. 
  • Put some absorbent tissue papers, disposable litter boxes, or waste bags inside your pet’s travel kit. So, those can be used in case the pet’s stressed-diarrhea due to motion sickness.
  • Keep an extra leash or buckled harness in the bag. In case the one to your pet’s neck gets torn or lost, you can carry on the journey with the other.
  • Carry small towels or baby safe wet tissues if you don’t want to see your pet untidy over the long travel way.
  • Keep some familiar things like your pet’s favorite toy or blanket to make it relieved from travel hazards.
  • Never forget to carry tick eliminators and flea comb to remove unpleasant visitors from your kiddo’s fur.
  • Carry animal-safe sunscreens if you are planning to spend a vacation to a sea-beach. Unlike you, your pet also can get sunburned, and also the UV rays may cause skin diseases to it. Medicated sunscreens can help you fondle to get rid of such problems.
  • The most important thing is to make a pet first aid kit in an easily accessible container. The kit must include all of your pet’s medical records, medications, gauge pads, ice/heat bags, Styptic powder, Vet wraps, antibiotic and antiseptic creams, saline solutions, etc. 


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