Visiting Ibiza Without The Clubs


Right about this time of year, a lot of people are looking for autumn beach destinations, where the summer season may still be lingering and it’s possible to experience some longer, warmer days. In Europe that often means looking to the famous Mediterranean destinations. Popular favorites in this category tend to be in Italy, Greece, and increasingly Croatia. Spain makes the cut as well however, and in particular the famous party island of Ibiza.

Ibiza is a good option for those who aren’t seeking legendary nightlife also though. While Ibiza Town is famous for all-night parties and even celebrity sightings, the island as a whole can be viewed as something of a paradise as well. So we’ve put together some travel ideas for the area that don’t revolve around, or even include, late night clubs.

Hopefully these demonstrate the value of Ibiza as a truly incredible Mediterranean getaway.

The Sa Talaia Hike

Sa Talaia is the highest point in Ibiza, located in Sant Josep. And while it’s fairly steep at points – one hiking guide refers to it as a fierce climb straight to the highest point – the hike is generally manageable for most able-bodied tourists. The fact of the matter is it’s the highest point on the island despite being lower than 500m, so while parts of the walk are steep, it’s not that long. The reward, as you might imagine, is a stunning, more or less panoramic view of the surrounding islands. It’s generally recommended to go for a sunset view if you really want to be stunned.

Boat Tours

With so much focus on the club venues in Ibiza, you could almost forget that the waters surrounding the islands are about as beautiful as any others in the Mediterranean. It makes perfect sense, therefore, that one of the best ways to see Ibiza is from the water. There are several different operators on the islands that offer tours on the water on different kinds of boats. It’s simple, but it may end up being your most memorable experience in Ibiza.


The main focus on Ibiza nightlife may be on clubs, but there are calmer bars there as well, and Kumharas is a perfect example. Essentially a beachside watering hole near San Antonio. it provides outdoor seating, sunset views, and an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. It can get crowded and a little loud at times simply because there are too many people who want to be out at night in Ibiza, but it’s still a clear alternative to the pulsing nightclubs that have given the island its reputation.

Casino de Ibiza

For another alternative nightlife option – or a daytime activity for that matter – the main casino at this island destination is worth a look as well. This is a bona fide casino complex attached to the Ibiza Gran Hotel, and was featured in an Ireland-based gaming site’s account of the best casinos to visit this year. That account noted that the hotel is famous for its art work, beauty, style, food, and creativity, which gives you some idea of the range of activity you can enjoy there. But the casino itself makes for a fun night out without visiting the big clubs.

Cala Saladeta

Getting away from nightlife, you’ll also undoubtedly want to find some nice beaches while you’re in Ibiza, and Cala Saladeta should top your list. The really cool thing about this beach is that there’s no direct access or a road that passes by behind it. You actually have to make your way down a rocky slope (which isn’t as treacherous as it sounds), or else approach the beach from a boat. That, plus the fact that it’s on the less populated west coast, keeps it from becoming too crowded a lot of the time, and makes it a sort of secluded paradise for travelers to enjoy.


You probably know that Spain is known for a dish called paella, and the custom holds true in Ibiza! Essentially a dish consisting of rice and fresh seafood (with various embellishments depending on the preparation), it’s a true Spanish staple enjoyed by countless tourists. Several Ibizan restaurants specialize in paella, and it’s certainly a good idea to go exploring and try where it couldn’t be more authentic.


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