5 the Most Great Destinations in 2015


Here is the list has just been released by Skyscanner.

1. Brazil

Brazil is well known of being place where took place big events such as World Cup 2014 or Summer Olympic Games 2016, Brazil opened number of airports, upgrades railway system to help visitors move easier.

Visiting the land of samba, you will discover a very varied life, and people are always open to participation many tours to explore shantytowns or crossing the Amazon rainforest.

2. Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is the combination of nature life and the lavish treatment. This Central American country is the perfect destination for travelers to explore the majestic volcanoes, forests and picturesque beaches. You also get relaxation in the new 5 stars resort.

3. Korean

Wave music and the influence of these famous stars have helped Korea possesses a large number of tourists. Besides the unique culture, this country has a good hotel system that is quality, reasonable price to ensure spending for tourists.

4. Taiwan, China

Taiwan has unique traditions, stunning scenery and stunning delicious cuisine. In the coming year, this small island is expected to receive great attention of travelers around the world.

5. Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos is island which attracts many famous persons such as LeBron James, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Cristiano Ronaldo hay Jennifer Lopez. They are ambassadors that contribute its fame on the map of tourist around the world when they find a great holiday resort. Tourist come here have chance to experience colorful night life.


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