5 Ways In Which You Can Travel To Heathrow Airport Apart From Driving


London is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities and in case you are planning for a holiday trip to this famous place, then you should know about all the whereabouts of the place. This will help you in roaming throughout the city without any hassle. But, one of the significant things that you will have to know about the different ways of travelling to Heathrow Airport, it is one of the most significant terminals that you will have to cross when you are visiting London. The Woking to Heathrow taxi is one of the most useful ways of travelling to Heathrow Airport. Here are some of the ways by which you can reach the airport apart from driving.


It is one of the easiest ways of travelling to Heathrow Airport. It is an underground subway and is also the less expensive way if you do not want to opt for driving. In case you are travelling with kids under eleven years’ age, you can travel for free. It takes less time to reach the airport since you will be able to avoid crowds and traffic. Heathrow Airport has a total of three underground stations for terminal two and three and the other one is shared with the fourth and fifth terminal. 

Heathrow Express

Apart from the subway, you can also take the Heathrow Express to reach the airport. It is a cheap option when compared to driving. Overall, it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to reach the airport. 

It depends on which terminal you are going to start your journey. Also, it is best if you book your tickets in advance in case you will be travelling in a group. 


This is yet another one of the best ways of reaching the Heathrow airport, and you can take the Woking to Heathrow taxi for reaching. The cab facility comes with a ridesharing option, and it is one of the best ways since sharing reduces the overall cost of travelling. 

Express Bus

When it comes to public transport, the National Express bus is yet another way apart by which you can reach Heathrow Airport without driving. The services remain available from three in the morning till midnight. Also, the cost is low when compared to driving.

Car service

Car service is also available to reach Heathrow Airport since various car services are available in London, which offers this service. If you book for it, then the car will wait for you near your house to take to you to the airport.

Therefore, these are some of the ways by which you can travel to Heathrow Airport in no time and that too without driving.


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