Benefits Of Chartering A Private Jet

Private Jet

Renting private jets is the most preferred travel option for high net worth individuals, celebrities, executives, and VIP leisure travelers. Their accessibility is, however, increasing to different individuals with approximately 2000 private jets being registered in the UK. The rising popularity could be attributed to the numerous benefits private jets accord their passengers, not just luxury. I mean, there is plenty of that but there are other countless advantages which include but are not limited to:


This is the biggest sell for most private jets. You can depart at a day and time of your choosing. By renting a private jet, you free yourself of the restrictions that come with commercial flights. You can curate a flight plan that best suits your schedule of plans. Secondly, you do not have to deal with flight delays which are very common with commercial flights. Thirdly, you can skip airport bureaucracy, long queues, and other onboarding processes which are usually drawn out.

Private Jets Can Be Customized To Accommodate Your Specific Needs

When booking a private jet through a reputable site like, you will be asked to choose an aircraft of your liking and the kind of interiors you want. There are different types of private jets that vary in size and luxury. These include very light jets, light jets, super light jets, midsize cabin jets, super-midsize cabin jets, heavy jets, ultra-long-range heavy jets and bizliners. The crew can decorate the jet if you happen to be celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, honeymoon, wedding, anniversary or what have you. You will also be asked to present any food or drinks you might like to have while flying.

No Layovers

When flying on a commercial plane, you are highly limited by the airline’s schedule which includes layovers. With a private jet, however, you can directly get to your destination. This eliminates incidences such as sleeping at the airport or sprinting through crowds if you are late. You also don’t have to worry about how you will kill time while in between flights.

Expedited Travel Time

Private jets can take off and touchdown at small private airfields and airstrips. You don’t need to drive for long hours through traffic to board a plane. It can come closer to where you are. It can also land closer to your destination. Of course, there’s also the fact that there are no layovers. All these things ensure you spend more time at your chosen destination, not in transit.

Pet-Friendly Travel

Some commercial planes don’t allow pets on board. Flying your favorite pet through a long cargo plane can induce anxiety and stress for both you and your pet. For planes that do allow pets, you will be required to pay hefty fees. In a private jet, however, your pet can enjoy the same degree of pampering as you and it can sit right next to you on the plane.

Other benefits of renting a private jet include privacy. Since you have an entire jet to yourself, you can hold private calls or meetings. You can also work or bond with friends or family without being interrupted if you are travelling together. For a flight equivalent to flying from London to Edinburgh, renting a private jet will set you back anywhere between £7250 to £8320.





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