Why use a Flight Radar Web Site


More and more people are taking an interest in planes and their associated flights and flight paths.  Some of this interest may come from the fact that people like to know where things are at any one time due to terrorism attacks in the past, some may enjoy plane spotting, and some may simply want to use it to track loved ones going to / arriving back from their breaks across the globe.

So how do you use a flight radar website?  We are here to reveal all.

A flight radar website will track flights across your country and further afield if you wanted that information, and quite simply it will allow you to see details for each flight you select.

Say for arguments sake you live in Birmingham.  You’re on a flight radar website for the first time and you’re not sure what to do.  You click on the plane that appears to be over Birmingham according to the real-time map and then from there you will have lots of information appear on your screen, some of which may include:

  • Flight Number
  • Plane Number
  • Plane Model
  • Pictures of the Plane being used for the flight
  • Altitude
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Ground Speed
  • Vertical Speed
  • Mode-S
  • Squawk
  • Source
  • Station
  • Tracking details for the full route
  • Cockpit view (usually an interpretation of what the pilot will see at the exact point they’re at, at that time)

In a nutshell that is how easy it is to use, simply click on any plane that is showing up on the radar and you are guaranteed to get most of the information listed above.  You can track flights that are part-way through their journey, you can track flights from take-off all the way through to landing, and you can also see if there are any emergency statuses attached to any of the planes currently in our skies (medical emergencies, lost contact, etc.)

There are lots and lots of flight radar websites out there that seemingly do the same type of thing, but if you’re like us and you want accurate information at the first time of asking, on a professional looking program, then you need look no further than Flight Radar.

Flight Radar can be found online at www.flightradar.co.uk, and they also provide an App in your relevant app store so that you can track plans wherever you may be at any point in time.  Feel free to visit their website and test out the idea for yourself.  You can pick up the things you’ll need to do in next to no time.

Once you’ve started, we promise you will want to look more and more, and potentially more further afield so that you can fully understand how many journeys are made every day up in our skies.

Happy plane spotting, people!


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