China and the beauty within


Ever since the country got discovered from the writings of Marco Polo, a true adventurer over 700 years ago, the large Asian country has become exotic and mysterious. Even after many years of economic growth, China hasn’t lost a bit of it fascination, indeed, the contrast or difference between the country’s new ultra-modern state and its ancient customs has only raised our fascination. With this in mind,  traveling to China for your next holiday wouldn’t be a bad idea, as you’ll have the opportunity to explore the greatness within! A few places you may want to visit are highlighted below;

The Great Wall of China

There’s a popular saying that no one can call himself a true hero until he has visited the Great Wall. While a lot of people might consider this to be mere saying, you might not fully understand the importance placed on this ancient monument by the Chinese until you travel down to see for yourself. Also known as Changcheng, the magnificent Great Wall of China has been estimated to go for as long as 6,000 kilometers to the west of Jiayuguan passing through Beijing, Hebei, and Tientsin where the best section of the Great Wall can be seen. Going up as high as 16 meters in places and averaging seven to eight meters in height, the Great Wall boasts numerous watchtowers and battlements. Today, the border around the northwest of Beijing is the most visited section of the wall, and you can easily reach it by getting on a public transport.

 The Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace, Beijing

We present to you China’s most important and largest building; also known as the Imperial Palace and The Forbidden City. Your holiday isn’t over until you visit this building. Protected by a 10-meter-high wall with a wide moat and watchtowers and covering about 700,000 square meters, this building is made up of different sections set aside for administrative and ceremonial purposes. While you may not be able to get around it all in a few hours, some of the special corners you may want to put in mind include the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Preserving Harmony (the huge emperor’s banquet hall), a tall building about 35 meters tall housing the imperial throne.

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The Terracotta Army   

Still considered as the country’s most important archeological find. If you have so much love for history and have been wondering about what went down with the military characters from about 280 BC, your answers are right here! Statutes of over a hundred chariots, 8,000 life-size warriors, and about 500 horses have been reassembled as a form of remembrance of history to bring back the unforgettable experience of a centuries-old parade.


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