Florida Discount Car Rental Tips & Reminders!!


Are you taking your own car to Florida? Are you looking for a discount car rental?

One way or the other, we want to make sure you remember a few things, whether you take your own vehicle or rent a car for your Florida vacations.

This page is to provide you with discount car rental suggestions and reminders whether you decide to take your own car or rent one.

First, let’s cover what you should remember to do if you take your own car to Florida. Sometimes taking your own car isn’t the best way to go, but sometimes it makes sense. You want to ensure it is in proper working order before you head out.

Seaside DriveI remember one time, my best friend and myself were heading to Florida. We borrowed his Dad’s car, made sure everything was good, and hit the road.

About an hour later, we stalled, luckily into a gas station. All night we couldn’t figure out what happened. My mom had to come pick us up and our trip was delayed.

Safe to say, we called his Dad and he asked if it needed gas (the guage was broken). Well, I’m sure you can answer that- it did. We fealt like fools and although it is funny now, you don’t want to be in a similar or worse situation.

So, here is our list of reminders if you decide to travel to Florida in your own car…
Get your car checked / serviced
Get an oil change, tires rotated, tune up if needed
Throw an emergency kit in. This includes, jumpers, first-aid, flashlight, spare tire, AAA card, onstar, or cell phone, etc…)
Fill up your tank (hey I had to remind you)
Child safety seats are in working order (if applicable)
Don’t forget maps, guides, books, magazines, snacks, drinks, music, & anything else to keep everyone entertained… the ride can get long
Make frequent stops and stick together while you travel to Florida
Also, remember that your car goes through wear and tear which will cost you down the road. If your discount Florida vacations aren’t too long (less than 8 hours for instance), taking your own car might be smart, but you may want to check into discount car rental rates as well.

Now, if you decide to obtain a discount car rental, you’ll want to know a few things first. Don’t get screwed and spend more money than you have to. These reminders have helped us save more money than not on a discount car rental over the years of traveling anywhere.


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