Frequently asked questions about Dominica Citizenship


The process of obtaining Dominica Citizenship is very easy if you perform all the steps correctly. If you are in a dilemma or you are stuck with any process, then here are some questions that are going to solve your queries. 

  • Difference between the investment on the real estate and donation? 

Ans: Both types of investment is to make you eligible to obtain Dominica citizenship. When you are opting for the real estate investment you are going to make a contribution that is quite huge and it is ideal for people who want to avail the family application. It will provide you with the investment dividend that you can utilise in order to have a huge amount in the future and along with other benefits. Every year you will get free accommodation for one week along with other discounts on real estate in which you will invest. 

Donation is for the people who want to make a small contribution in order to become eligible for Dominica citizenship. Here the donation will be used in the development of the government projects and infrastructure. One will not be able to enjoy any type of investment dividend if they are opting for the Donation Investment Program. 

  • Can one avail Dominica citizenship by investing in any business? 

Ans: No, you are not eligible for the Dominica citizenship if you are investing in any type of business program. Even if you are a part of the shares or bonds still you are not eligible because you need to invest in the donation or real estate of the government-approved projects. You can also donate to the government diversification funds for obtaining Dominica citizenship. 

  • Will I need to travel to Dominica in order to avail the citizenship? 

Ans: No, you won’t have to be physically present in Dominica in order to avail the citizenship. One can easily carry out the entire process online and one should hire an authorised agent who will represent them in front of the Dominica government authorities. 

During the application process, you can definitely visit Dominica but you won’t be a citizen of Dominica. Make sure you are haring an agent who will deal with all the documents and correspondence of the Dominica citizenship and passport. 

  • Will all the information stay confidential? 

Ans: Yes, all the information will remain confidential and will not be shared with any other government. The licenced agent will ensure that no other third party is getting access to the information that you are providing. 

  • Can one send the citizenship application to the Dominica Government directly? 

Ans: No, one won’t be able to reach the Dominica government and send them the citizenship application directly. They will need to hire an authorised agent who will do it on their behalf. The authorised agent will look into the documents and scrutinise it before it reaches the hands of the higher authorities. 

These are the few basic questions that most of the Dominica citizenship availing program applicants will have in their mind.


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