How to Save Money on Airport Parking

Airport Parking

How much planning do you put into your holiday every year? From searching long and hard for the cheapest flights, to hunting down a great deal on hotel rooms, most of us are eager to save as much as possible when we’re booking our summer holidays. However, there’s one big charge that most of us forget about until it’s too late- airport parking. Since most airports are fairly out of the way, and you might be travelling a long distance to get the right flight at the right price, it seems like your only option is to put up with those hefty fees. However, if you’re flying from Birmingham, then we’ve got good news for you- there’s actually a way that you can avoid those expensive airport parking fees and save yourself a small fortune.

How? The answer’s simple- make use of a park and ride service. The only reason that airport parking is so expensive is because the people who run the car park can get away with charging that much. Plenty of people don’t even remember about airport parking charges until it’s too late, so they have no choice but to pay those high prices. They have a monopoly on parking in the immediate area, so they have complete control over their fees- and hapless travelers suffer as a result. But why would you throw away money like that when there’s a much cheaper alternative?

I Can Park and Ride is a simple, effective solution to your parking woes. By parking there, you could save up to 70% on the prices at Birmingham International- a saving that’s not to be sniffed at. All you have to do is book your place in advance to ensure there’s a space for you, and if your plans change, no worries- there’s free cancellation! When you rock up to their secure car park, you’ll then be transported to the airport in their very own shuttle bus, ensuring that you reach your destination in plenty of time to check in. And when you get back from your holidays, the same thing goes- free transport back to your car. You certainly don’t get that at most airports!

As for the security of your car while you are away, you can rest easy. Thanks to 24/7 security patrols, CCTV, and well-lit parking areas, their facility is completely secure. Even though you might not be there to look after your car, you can be sure that the vehicle is in safe hands, and will be safe and sound when you get back. In fact, their security service is so top notch, that it’s no stretch to say that your car is much safer there than in the airport’s own car park. Even the actual act of parking your car is taken care of- when you arrive, simply hand your keys over to their professional staff, and they will drive it to your allocated parking bay. No more driving around the car park trying to find a space!

So, next time you fly from Birmingham International, don’t be a sucker for extortionate car parking fees. By planning in advance, and booking a place at I Can Park and Ride, you can save yourself a bundle, and have more money in your pocket to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Why pay over the odds when the ideal solution is right there for the taking!


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