Milan – The City Of Renowned


History of Milan dates back to 400 BC which evolved with time through The Visconti and Sforza families, Spanish, Austrian dominance4 and Napoleonic era to be a thriving capital for designer and art. The rich heritage of this city pronounces the name like Michelangelo, Leonardo the Vinci, the composer Verdi and designer Giorgio Armani. Napolean was crowned in this city, Toscanini regularly conducted in this city. Mussolini founded his party in this city. Modern design world waits for the catwalk on Milan to know the latest trends and fashion. The main dishes in Italy and Milan consist of milk and milk products like butter, cheese, and cream. Don`t forget to taste different sometimes spicy variety of cheese like taleggio,gorgonzola, and stracchino. Contrast to belief rice is more popular than pasta in Milan, you get a variety of rice mixed with cream, butter, cheese, vegetables, and meat. If you visit Milan in winter try “polenta” a typical Italian dish crowned with meat or mushroom. Soups like “Zuppa di poor e bietole” and “Zuppa Pavese” are good starters. This city host world-famous Lombardy wine and other finest wine produced in this region. Sip various verities of wine from subtle to bold like an expert sommelier.

On Time Machine

When you in stand in front of Leonardo di Vinci’s last supper in Santa Maria Delle Grazie, you are transformed from this modern era to that period. This watercolor painting was done on the wall between 1494 to 1498. When you hire a photographer in Milan and pose in front of this Renaissance styled six-sided dome, it becomes a treasurable memory. This church was damaged during World War 2 and repaired thereafter. The photographer can give the details of this place. This masterpiece is damaged due to weather and pollution and has been restored several times. Entrance to this arena is limited and restricted so better book advance tickets. Milan cathedral located in the heart of the city is another major tourist attraction. This church is a perfect example of Gothic style architecture and can hold 40000 people. Foundation of this church was laid in the 14th century and was completed in the 1800s under Napoleon The dim interior with 52 massive pillared richly decorated exterior gives a striking contrast to this church.

There is more

Milan is a cosmopolitan, stylish city with rich traditional buildings, castle and opera houses. Pictures taken by a photographer in Milan, helps you to remember those moments as time passes through memory lane.


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