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Go Krakow for sport and not only, but a fantastic end-of-season tour to Krakow is also an absolute winner. Historical and enchanting Krakow will make your club tour one of the most memorable both on and off the pitch, court, or range. Krakow and its satellite towns offer state of the art training camps, self-contained facilities, and specialist zones with full and comprehensive services including accommodation  suited to your budget plan for all kinds of sport that caters for groups of friends to  amateur and professional club levels

Book a sporting holiday break in Krakow itself and enjoy the sights of this enchanting city famous for its Medieval silk and salt trade past along with Wawel Castle and dragon legend plus Rynek, Europe’s largest square hosting festivals and concerts surrounded by pubs, clubs, and restaurants for you to relax in after your day’s activities.

Footie – Krakow offers some excellent indoor and outdoor 5-a-side footie venues on both artificial surfaces and grass. Some pitches are good enough for 7-a-side matches. The same for 11-a-side in the city center on artificial grass and on the outskirts of Krakow, with a full side a friendly match can be arranged with a local team of a suitable level. Club or employee/works tournaments are also catered for with services, facilities and accommodation included.

Krakow Rugby Festival and Draggo Krakow Hostel as a perfect duo for organizing a great time in Poland

Rugger – Krakow is host to the Ekstraliga team, Juvenia Krakow RFC who have their stadium close to the city center. The club has all levels of rugby teams both men and women plus a Junior section. A friendly with a suitable level team is possible and a post-match Beer & BBQ with the hosts should you desire. There are 2 annual tournaments connected with Juvenia and Sports Tours Poland, the Krakow Rugby Festival for men and women 10s. The KRF as it is known lays on parties and matches starting on the Friday of the 3rd weekend in June with an Induction Party, Saturday and Sunday the qualifiers and Finals. The KRF organizers also provide extra services that include airport and pitch transfers, all meals, drinking and skill games, live music, DJ, unlimited or limited beer ‘n cider, and perfectly placed accommodation for groups in the center of historic Krakow, literally almost at the Main Square- the Draggo House Krakow Hostel ( more info You can find here: ).

The KRF ends with a Grand Gala Dinner. The U.19 Krakow 7s Tournament takes place the 1st weekend of September every year. The organizers also provide extra services including meals and accommodation. Both tournaments attract international teams and although the emphasis is on enjoying rugby the competitions are quite competitive at times both on the and off the field of play.

Cricket – The Krakow Cricket Club or KCC are available to pad up for a match for traveling teams. They also hold a yearly international tournament, the Krakow Cricket Cup up for grabs. The KCC has also formed a league and has several clubs participating from around Poland. The KCC also collaborates with Sports Tours Poland from Krakow to provide the necessary services to make the weekend stress-free and just play some great cricket.

Tennis – There are 2 excellent tennis centers in Krakow, all clay courts and open-air or covered. If you are on a visit here and need to keep up your practice then never fear Krakow is here. The venues are in the vicinity of the center and tennis coaches on hand to perfect your skills.

Golf – Take a long weekend break and make use of Krakow’s golf courses or even take a course in acquiring or bettering your skills at the Krakow Valley Golf & Country Club or the Royal Krakow Golf & Country Club. Both courses are of 18 holes and a short journey from Krakow. The clubs offer various different packages and 6, 9, or 18 hole course plus a driving range, practice putting green. Naturally, there are added events and tournaments throughout the year. The clubs remain open all year round even if the seasonal weather does not permit play as there are plenty of non-golf activities to keep you entertained.

Rock Climbing – The Forteca Indoor Rock Climbing Centre in Krakow is a fantastic venue for adults, children, pros, and beginners. They run courses for all age groups and even Birthday Party events for children with all kinds of climbing games thrown in as well as cake. Also in the city, the Fun Club Indoor Rock Climbing facility specializes in children’s 60-minute courses with all sorts of climbing games plus birthday and relax areas. However, the nearby Ojcowski National Park has an excellent natural climbing range with some ascents available only for experienced climbers. Spend the day in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings and maybe follow the numerous hiking trails through the forests, the area is also host to many other exciting activities and quality food restaurants.

For more professional sport clubs and federations, the fully equipped Zakopane Training Camp is a 90Km drive from Krakow. The sports complex is ideal for pre-season training positioned at an altitude of 912m in the mountain area of the Tatras. It caters to all major competitive sports from track and field to football, rugby to basketball, and similar, practically all Olympic sports events except equestrian activities. Naturally, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and well-being treatments. Saunas, jacuzzi, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, laser therapy, and massage lounge. The on-site accommodation is specialized with oxygen concentration control, altitude acclimatization control, and hypoxic systems in 97 rooms for 177 people in total, a 140 seater conference hall, and a camp restaurant. Zakopane is a popular resort for summer and winter vacations and therefore plenty of off-camp entertainment to give the teams a break from pre-season training.

No matter your team’s level or ability, whether a pro or amateur or even a beginner Krakow can provide your team with a memorable tour or tournament that will remain with you for a long time. Go sport, Go Krakow. 



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