The best places to snorkel and dive in Greece


Greece has several locations that have been voted as some of the best places to snorkel and dive. Since most of them are located on sites well offshore, the best option for a great diving holiday would be to rent yourself a Greek yacht charter and go out and explore the marine world of Greece.

Not enough inspiration on which places to go or just having trouble choosing? Let us present you the ultimate Greek snorkeling guide and make your research harder and your choices harder. Here are some of the best places to snorkel and dive in Greece.

Wreck of the HMHS Britannic, Kea

If you love to explore shipwrecks, then the smal lisland of Kea might be your best choice. The HMHS Britannic is one of the most reputated shipwrecks in the world and is located just off the coast of Kea. However, despite being just off coast, the wreck is quite deep making it a difficult dive that should not be undertaken unless you are well-experienced.

Schinaria, Crete

The dramatic coastline of Crete makes it a great destination for diving. Especially the place Schinaria has a lot of marine life in its waters, including morays, blackfish and octopus. Even manta rays passing by is not an uncommon sight. Schinaria beach is located 3 kilometers away from the village of Lefkogia and is one of Greece’s  top destinations when it comes to observing marine life during your yacht cruise.

Chios Island

Located only seven kilometers away from Turkey, but this Greek island has several amazing diving sites to explore. The Great Wall may not be as big as the name suggest, but it makes it well up in grandeur. Colorful coral and marine life is what you may expect, as well as shipwrecks and the eye-widening 30 meter underwater cliff that is the Great Wall itself.

Marathonisi, Zakyntos

The uninhabited island Marahtonisi , close to Zakyontos, not only has the shape of a turtle, but it is the birthplace of giant loggerhead turtles as well. These creatures migrate thousands of kilometers to lay their eggs here on one of the beaches of Marathonisi. In the water close to the shore, you are like to see them swimming around.

Nea Kameni, Santorini

The island Santorini is a volcanic island. This makes that it offers some great possibilities when it comes to scuba diving. Nea Kameni is one of those options. Here you’ll not only find volcanic rocks, underwater lava formations and sea caves, but also the 34 meter long passenger ship Santa Maria that sank in 1975.

Mirmigi Reef, Lesvos

Close to the village of Petra, you’ll find the Mirmigi Reef, a popular diving site as it has lots of marine life and volcanic formations. The absence of currents makes it a ideal place for beginners while reef going down to 36 meters attracts more experienced divers as well.


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