The Perfect Option for Boating in Los Cabos


One of Mexico’s most popular destinations, Los Cabos is renowned for its beauty and superb all-inclusive resorts. If you have not visited this area, here is what you need to know before you leave.

The best option to get to Cabo is therefore the plane, for about 2H30. To find tickets at the best price, you canuse the site, which is a flight comparator really convenient and very well done. It gives you the flights at the best price, but also an estimate of dates when prices are sensitive to increase. So if you have flexible dates (which was our case), this site is really ideal.

What is the best time of the year to visit the area?

All year except September and October, to avoid hurricanes and rain.

Where do you take someone who visits the city or region for the first time?

Snorkel or dive, as marine life is plentiful. At the beach, of course, there are options for lounging and relaxing. The waters of Los Cabos offers great visibility and several perfect places for scuba diving. You can rent a sailboat with skipper in cabo san lucas  .

Scuba diving enthusiasts will find their account in La Paz, just two hours north of Los Cabos. This place is considered one of the most beautiful places for scuba diving in the world. Diving there is purely spectacular, to such a point that the great Jacques Cousteau declared it “aquarium of the world” because of the various varieties of fish, dolphins, manta rays, whales and sea lions.

Los Cabos is where the desert meets the sea; there are as many cactuses as there are dramatic rock formations and soft sand. Its tropical rainy and rather dry climate, except from June to September, makes it an ideal holiday destination in winter.

What is the best kept secret of Cabo San Lucas?

  • The waterfalls of Sol de Mayo and the pools of thermal water Santa Rita.

What memory do we really need to bring back from Baja California?

  • Handmade tequila. There is also a lot of crafts. Several streets clustered in downtown Cabo form a small market where you can get some.

The best place to go to meet locals?

  • On the public beaches Chileno, Santa María and Medano.

The bar where to taste the best beer?

  • For a good craft beer, go to the Baja Brewing Company, located near the marina, and on the roof of the Cabo Villas, from where you have a view of the bay. You have to taste the beer with raspberry, a delight.

The restaurant where to eat the best tacos?

For authentic tacos and quesadillas, go to Guacamayas Restaurant on Marina Boulevard. I also like the Sand Bar, a place directly on the beach where locals and tourists mix.

The best place to go out with your family?

For Mexican cuisine with a good atmosphere, María Jiménez is a delicious family restaurant with traditional recipes.


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