Tips for New Travelers to the City of Barcelona

Tips for New Travelers to the City of Barcelona

The life of a traveler is one that is filled with new sights, fresh tastes, and exciting adventures. But apart from fun, traveling to new cities also brings new challenges. These can either make your vacation a dream come true or a nightmare.

Traveling to Barcelona is no different. Apart from the language change, there are some other details new travelers need to know. These include anything from tips on moving around the city, to the best places to shop for souvenirs.

·         Money

The currency used in Barcelona is the Euro. Your credit card is still quite useful, but before your trip, make sure to change some money into euros. This will serve you well for transactions that are less than €5.

·         Accommodation

As with any other destination, it is ideal that you make arrangements for your lodgings before you arrive in Barcelona. This is not an issue since most hotels allow online booking. Ensure that you confirm their prices, facilities, and services before you settle on one.

·         Transportation

After your arrival in the city, there will be a Barcelona airport shuttle available to take you right to your destination. The train system, though, is superb for moving you around the city. It is affordable, comfortable, and punctual. But nothing beats taking a stroll, soaking in Vitamin D and burning all the calories you have probably added by now.

·         Food

Barcelona is famous for its Paella dish. No trip to this city is considered complete without a taste of this. Fortunately, there are a good number of restaurants where you can get a delicious variety of food. From 3-Michelin star joints like Àbac restaurant to cozy hole-in-the-wall spots like the Fidel Bar.

·         Souvenirs

As a tourist, getting a memento is an essential part of your trip. And so here are some types of souvenirs you can get, as well as the best places to find them. For glassware, handmade and otherwise, El Corte Inglés is your plug. While the Empremtes de Catalunya is a great shop for your authentic Catalan Arts and Craft. These make perfect gifts and reminders of a fantastic time at the Catalan capital, Barcelona. For more information Deerfield Beach Real Estate


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