What to Splurge on During a Vacation


Vacations are our time to get away and take in new locations and people.  These experiences fill us with joy and laughter that carry us through the rest of the year.  Unfortunately, they’re expensive by design, from travel and wherever we decide to stay, to the food and activities: it can be hard on your wallet.

Still, we deserve to enjoy ourselves!  Here are the top items to splurge on during a vacation and why they’re the best bets.


Something worth its weight in gold but often overlooked by tourists concerned about budgets is paying for unique experiences.  How often do you get to go on vacation?  When you go, is it almost always the same trip of hotels and beaches?  Pay a little more and buy an adventure for you and whoever’s with you.

Experiences are worth more than souvenirs because the memory of them will sustain you for even longer.  Whether you’re taking up jet skiing for a day or you embark on a spelunking adventure, these experiences can shape how you remember this vacation.

You can still get souvenirs as well, but they won’t feel as vivid as these memories!


What you eat on vacation should be approached with a sense of whimsy you don’t get to have at home.  These are dishes you can’t have where you’re from, and you can only fit so many meals into a vacation.  Allow yourself to splurge, to a reasonable degree, and eat out more often than you would when you were at home.

If looking at El Paso houses for sale have made you desperate to save money, you could grocery shop and buy items for one or two meals out of the day to make up for it.  Cook for yourself for breakfast and lunch, and then go all out for dinner!  

A Rental Car

Although many assume that on vacation, the best bet is to order an Uber whenever they need to get anywhere, this can push your vacation to a standstill any time you have somewhere to be.  Instead, put in the extra money and rent a car.  Although this may cost a few hundred by the end of it, if you calculate all of the lost time to waiting for a ride and all of the money you’d spend on Ubers, rental cars are often your best bet.  You don’t have to go for anything flashy unless you want it.  Saving money can still be done when renting a car!

Gifts To Bring Home

If there are loved ones in your life who couldn’t come with you, be sure to get them something to know you thought of them.  Some resort to an airport present or gift cards, but you should feel free to spoil your friends.  Part of this splurge is ensuring you have enough luggage.  If you have more enormous gift ideas in mind, pay for an extra bag on the way home to ensure that everything gets back safe.  Sure, some may not see souvenirs for friends and family as necessary, but these allow them to feel like they were part of the vacation.


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