7 Reasons Why an Airport Hotel Can Be Your Best Accommodation Option

Airport Hotel

A large part of the travel and accommodation sector is dedicated to providing the ultimate convenience to tourists and business travelers. Thus, it’s no surprise that over the years, there’s been a boom in airport hotels, which are everything from budget to full-on luxury accommodations that can be found right within airport premises or the vicinity of the airport terminal. These were primarily designed to cater to the basic requirements of business travelers.

However, with the lifestyles and values of today’s globetrotters, airport hotels have expanded their focus on providing the best hospitality options to all kinds of guests and no longer just for travelers that primarily engage in business activities. Therefore, if you are traveling for leisure, you should consider an airport hotel among your options for accommodation.

But what are the other reasons why an airport hotel is a great choice? Listed below are seven of them.

1. Airport hotels can show the best of what the area has to offer.

There’s no denying that airport hotels are strategically located. The area around them offers a large variety of activities and sights, which is either developed or preserved to provide visitors with a good first impression of the country and the city.

A popular Abu Dhabi airport hotel, for instance, offers great views of the runway or the city from each room. It even has a rooftop pool and deck, which boasts stunning sunset views over the city. At the same time, it is home to a family-friendly restaurant, which is not only a favourite  among tourists but also preferred by the locals.

2. Airport hotels are known for their exceptional hospitality.

With the knowledge that the majority of the guests that opt for airport hotels are busy professionals or people with discriminating tastes, airport hotels make sure to deliver world-class hospitality.

They receive guests with style and warmth to ensure a delightful stay. Additionally, they have a global approach, so guests automatically feel comfortable and at home, guaranteeing repeat visits.

3. Airport hotels provide a suite of services to make the visit completely worthwhile.

If you are the type who plans your itinerary after checking into your hotel, you’ll find this task easier to accomplish if you stay at an airport hotel. Airport hotels typically offer concierge services to help you organize and plan your visit to the country.

From transportation services to deals on tours, dining discounts, booking at a spa, and even information on local events and top places to visit in the area, airport hotels are known to cover them all for guests’ total convenience and satisfaction.

4. Airport hotels are luxurious establishments as well.

Most airport hotels are architectural and interior design marvels. There’s great delight from staying in them. They have impressive aesthetics, which combine Eastern and Western sensibilities. Choosing them as your place to stay during your visit will surely bring class and luxury to the experience.

Some of these accommodations even exemplify the architecture and cultural practices of their usual guests. This means that aside from offering the best the local area is known for, you can also experience some of the finest offerings from different parts of the world.

5. Airport hotels can provide you with the kind of room you need.

You get premium suites, family bedrooms, single bedrooms, double bedrooms, and different function rooms. You can trust that you can easily get the specific room you need for your stay.

As for the different function rooms, these are used by the locals as well. They are perfect for meetings and all kinds of leisure or social events.

6. Airport hotels are near the city’s top attractions.

If you want the best starting point for your tours around the city, you cannot go wrong with staying at an airport hotel. In Abu Dhabi, for instance, the malls and other favorite shopping destinations are just a short drive away.

It’s not just the malls that are nearby, too. The beach, amusement parks, zoo, hip dining establishments (Abu Dhabi is home to the best international steakhouse), and even the new Louvre Museum are all within the proximity of world-class airport hotels.

7. Airport hotels can diminish the rush of tight flight schedules.

If you are working with a tight schedule, opting for an airport hotel to stay at can make your visit less stressful. You do not have to worry about being on the road for a long time or dealing with traffic to catch your next flight.

Another advantage of staying at an airport hotel is you can get to one right away after your flight. If you’re really tired after a long-distance plane ride, it will only take a short time to get to your accommodation where you can wash up and relax completely.

All in all, airport hotels are no longer just designed to cater to business travelers — they are for everybody. So, the next time you visit a new country, make sure to remember the many advantages an airport hotel offers shared above. They may be all that you want for a convenient, fun, and thoroughly fulfilling stay.

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