Sand Dune Stories of Talakad


It is the established Indian story. A story told by Gods and evil presences, loaded up with rulers and rulers, packed with condemnations and helps. There is a tad of history here, mixed with some topography and finished with legends and fantasies. Set on the banks of the stream Cauvery, this adventure goes back to the fourth century and has certain interesting components, challenging the specific laws of nature. This is the story of Talakadu, the recent capital of the Ganga Dynasty (350-999 AD), which is currently incompletely covered under sandhills. Numerous rulers have ruled over this once prospering city, yet today it is a lost overlooked town, passed up the sands of time.

Old stories and legends are covered up in each niche and corner of the town, attempting to uncover from underneath the layers of sands that cover the town. Looking every step of the way are some flawlessly cut sanctuaries that speak to the best embodiment of unending adventure of craftsmanship and impressions of the rich former period.

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Things to See and Experience in Talakad

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Now let’s look at the most amazing places to visit in Talakad under the given list:

  • Panchalina Darshana

It is an occasion where a reasonable is held to respect five Shiva Temples present in the town. This reasonable occur once at regular intervals upon the arrival of the full moon in the long stretch of Karthika when the two stars of Vishaka and Khuha Yoga conjoins. Last time the reasonable was held in year 2006.

  • Somanathapura

Somanathapura Temple is an extremely popular fascination. It was one of the first and the best portrayal of Hoysala engineering. It has an old structure set apart by its magnificence. Sightseers from close and far come to visit the sanctuary to get a perspective of the delightful place. Somanathapura Temple has been assigned for the world legacy site status of UNESCO and is among three Hoysala sanctuaries which have been designated for the equivalent. It is extremely celebrated for its sensitive carvings and models bearing metal like cleaning.

  • Tirumakudal Narsipur

Tirumakudal Narsipur is a town enhanced with a few old sanctuaries situated in the region of Talakad around 16 km away. An explorer center point, Gunja Narasimha is the most prestigious sanctuary in the zone known for its impressive Dravidian style of architecture. The managing divinity of this enormous sanctuary is Lord Narasimha. One can observe the symbol inside the sanctuary premises. Enhanced with a huge ‘gopuram’ and ‘mandapams with four columns, the place is socially rich and worth visiting.

·        Arkeshwara Temple

Another delightful sanctuary and one of the five lingams uncovered is Arkeshwara Temple situated in a detached zone. It is an enchanting sanctuary which is embellished with symbols of Durgai and Bhairavar and of Abhayangara Lingam. A Vasstu Yantram alongside a stone is there at the entryway of the sanctuary. Usually, conviction that if a bovine experiencing any sickness is fixing to that stone can be restored.

·        Maruleshwara Temple

This sanctuary is known for the colossal Shivalingam present inside. This sanctuary was likewise worked by the Ganga lords. There are a wide range of symbols present in the Mandapam, in particular, Ganapathi, Surya, Veerabhadrar and numerous others.

Cuisines in Talakad

Talakad does not have many eating joints or eateries around. So generally you will eat at your inn. South Indian cooking is the prevalent food, the town is being situated in Mysore. In any case, you may discover the roadside sellers or little dhabas for lip-smacking road nourishment.

How to Reach Talakad

Bangalore Airport is the closest air terminal to Talakad situated around 120 km away. The Bangalore airplane terminal is associated with all the real urban areas of India. Taxicabs are effectively accessible outside the air terminal and if conceivable pre-book a taxi for more comfort. Talakad is a town region which can be effectively open by means of either Mysore (25 km) or through Bangalore (120 km). Both private, and also the state, possessed transports i.e. by KSRTC routinely keep running between the urban communities. In any case, the streets are not in great conditions and might be exhausted and patchy. Mysore, found 45 km from Talakad, fills in as the closest railroad set out toward the town. Transports and taxicabs are accessible outside the railroad station to the required goal.

Best Time to Visit Talakad

Talakad is a little old town which encounters perspiring sweltering summers. The climate is very terrible for the excursion reason. Winters, be that as it may, are very wonderful and agreeable. It is prescribed as the best time to investigate the ancient pieces of this lovely town. There are numerous excellent sanctuaries in this city which makes it a prime area for vacationers. The astonishing story behind the way that the city is submerged in the sand makes visitor increasingly inquisitive about this reviled city.


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