Why choose a Coach Holiday in Ireland


When you are looking for somewhere to head off to on holiday, one location which is very popular is Ireland. A trip to the Emerald Isle is something that anyone can enjoy, but flying to Ireland can be a waste. If you want to enjoy the trip to Ireland as you surely should, then you absolutely need to choose a coach holiday instead.

Coach holidays are often much more like a real trip and a proper experience for you. you are no longer located in a tourist hot spot or stuck in a particular area: you can explore and see the world more or less exactly as you wish and want.

If you want to go on a holiday that does not limit you to what you can do, then you can go for a coach tour. One of the other benefits of a coach tour is that you just get to spend a bit more time around new locations. From mingling with the locals to getting into drinking competitions over a few Guinness, you will find that you get to enjoy much more of real Ireland instead of being stuck within tourist hotspots.

Why should I choose a coach holiday in Ireland?

  • There’s more to Ireland than Dublin. For many people jetting into Ireland, they’ll often visit Dublin and little else. With the help of a coach tour, you get to see a whole lot more of the location than you might have expected to beforehand.
  • See the stunning countryside. Look at any photos of Eire, and you will soon notice just how beautiful it is. As a natural landscape, few nations can carry the same beauty and majesty. This is why coming to Ireland via coach is so useful: you get to see that countryside up-close.
  • Meet its amazing people. When you spend your time in more tourist-specific areas, you might find it tough to bump into a proper Irish person. If you would like to enjoy a trip that lets you to enjoy spending time with the amazingly friendly people of Ireland, a coach tour is for you.
  • Embrace the culture. Instead of staying to the city centers and the locations that might feel a touch different to what you expect, a coach tour of Ireland lets you to embrace the culture entirely both inside and outside of the bigger cities.
  • Less certainty, more fun. With a coach tour, everything is much more flexible. You will get to spend your time seeing various parts of the country, spending time as you wish and just embracing your time in the country without any real worries: so long as you get back to the coach in time, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself as you please!

It’s thanks to this, then, that so many people choose to go for a coach tour of Ireland. Few nations are quite so colorful and as interesting as Ireland, so be sure to come on over and see for yourself why people often choose to come here via coach, not plane!


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