Choosing the Right Camera


With so many varieties of cameras on the market, deciding which type is the right one for you can be extremely difficult. The easiest way to determine which best suits your needs is by answering a few questions and exploring the options.

What Type of Photography Do You Plan to Do?

This is probably the biggest consideration you make, as deciding what you will photograph is the biggest single factor in choosing a camera that would meet your needs. If you’re not planning to do something serious or demanding, a compact or low-end SLR delivers adequate results.

For documentary and candid photography, where you almost always use a wide-angle lens, consider a rangefinder. However, if you want to cover more specialists’ topics, such as close-ups and sports, an interchangeable-lens SLR system is unrivalled. If you’re after the ultimate look of quality, look for a medium-format SLR system.

For aerial photography special equipment is highly recommended, such as vibration isolation mount, for example, which is used to reduce the vibration from the aircraft and insulates the camera from the operator and the aircraft. Aerial photography is becoming popular as aerial shots are a good way to show an overview of a city or a town, as well as track moving objects.

Digital or Film?

Weather to use a digital or film camera represents on enormous decision. Film is available on a variety of type, but digital images can be manipulated to mimic any film’s characteristics. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but the pendulum is swinging toward digital and, at some point in the near future the demand for film will be too low for manufactures to sustain production. So while has its merits, digital will dominate in the not-to-distant future.

Other Factors to Consider


Expensive cameras offer better build and far more sophisticated features. But do you need these or will a basic camera be as adequate, freeing up the budget?

New or Used

Getting the latest cameras guarantees cutting-edge technology Showbox Android Version , but the used market is now so large that you can pick up relatively recent cameras at a fraction of their original cost.


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