Headphone Reviews For Travelers


Headphone Reviews. Trying to find the best headphones for travelling can be a nightmare. I know it took me at least 5 pairs of headphones before I found the best headphones for me!

Headphone reviews And what is interesting is that the earphones that I love to travel with are completely different then the headphones that my husband Warren loves to travel with. We even have a couple of pairs for depending on what we are doing while travelling. So the pair of headphones that you may love, may not be the same as what your travelling partner loves.

Nothing makes a long travel day go by faster and easier than a good pair of headphones to listen to your favorite music on your iPod or iPad or to watch a video with.

Headphone reviewsIt used to be that when I boarded a plane and saw a baby behind me, or heard one crying in the cabin, that I would cringe. After getting a great pair of headphones this is not an issue for me. I just put in my earphones (after take off when allowed by the airline of course) and drift off to my Adele album, or watch my favorite TV show on my iPad or on the airplanes in flight entertainment system.

What really sucks however is when I don’t have my headphones with me and I have to use (or worse buy!) the airlines headphones. You can still hear everything going on around you and they usually hurt your ears. I would rather just listen to the baby!

On whatever part of your trip, travelling, sitting on the beach or by the pool, waiting for a train, or just chilling by the lake, a great pair of headphones will make it that much better!

I found that the best headphones for me are the Bose in ear headphones and the Eers custom made headphones. Warren on the other hand, loves his Bose QuietComfort 3 headphones, his custom Eers headphones and his Motorola Bluetooth headphones.

I have used the Apple iPod or iPhone earphones, and I don’t know about you but after about 10 minutes they are the most uncomfortable earphones. Montana, my 16 year old step daughter, seems to be ok with them, which is good as she loses them


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