Things Only Travel Nomads Know About Hickory


With the risks a travel nomad has to endure, there are few perks that can as well enhance the scope of the journey. A nomadic traveler is always independent from the strict guidelines which need to be followed while travelling in a tourist pack. He just moves along with the landscape without any plans in mind. This allows him to know about the insights of a site with precision including available housing options like fully furnished suites for their comfortable staying.  

So what can nomads know about Hickory in North Carolina? Let’s find out.

Base for The Hunger Games

The buildings and landscapes which provided the backgrounds for the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ are an integral part of the surroundings of Hickory.

Yes, that’s correct! That hit movie was shot on the edge of Hickory with a number of background actors being the local residents. Also, the city has some of the best options available for luxurious style living at Hickory Extended Stay Suites – Fully Furnished Suites.

Home to the largest movie theatre

Hickory is known to have an affinity with the arts. But few know that it has the most iconic edge cinema screens in North Carolina. It comes with around 600 luxury seats, 70 quality speakers and a digital projection.

It ranges both from wall to wall and ceiling to floor and covers the entire available projection scale.

The world’s most famous racing short track is available here

A number of race heroes such as Junior Johnson, Ned Jarrett, etc. are household names in the households of Hickory. No wonder as to why Hickory Motor Speedway is among the best short tracks in the history of American slot car racing. It is also known as “the origin of the NASCAR stars”.

Those who wish to still enjoy the thrills of slot car racing, you may visit here as the track still hosts racing events of all varieties.

An engaging nightlife experience

Hickory has started to witness a new nightlife around the old Union Square, displaying all sorts of bars, restaurants, music and what not!

Arrival of big concerts to downtown Hickory has been nominated number of times as one of the most exciting cities in North Carolina. Moreover, the city’s artistic appeal and diverse dining trends has made it one of the best sought after places for solo travelers.

Mountain climbing and sailing in a lake on the same day

Many of you may have heard about the adventurous mountain climbing or enjoying the vast aquatic beauty through sailing in a lake. But enjoying them on the same day?

A one of a kind Foothills region which is rested in North Carolina, Hickory allows both to enjoy the scenery on the very same day. Take a hike up Baker’s mountain and have some fun on Lake Hickory.

Hickory is a city based in North Carolina, US. It is associated with the Catawba River Valley as its economic and cultural centre. Since it is the major spot for manufacturing as well as for buying premium quality furniture, its Hickory furniture Mart has been serving for too long as the best attractive tourist destination. Nomadic travelers love adventures. They are all about being spontaneous and exploring the new and the unknown. Hickory can offer them beautiful sights in brilliant art and craftsmanship all along.


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