3 reasons why John Legend is trying to get you drunk this summer in New York


Picture yourself in a dimly lit bar somewhere elusive AND exclusive in New York. The atmosphere and ambience created by the soulful music playing in the background makes you naturally forget your troubles. You might even get up and dance (assuming everyone else is too).

It sounds like a perfect evening after a strenuous day at work or maybe a moment to share with friends who rarely get an opportunity to see you.

Airbnb has teamed up with John Legend to curate a range of nightlife experiences in one of his favourite cities in the world, New York. And there’s nothing more that John would enjoy than for anyone visiting the big apple to enjoy the city’s diverse and iconic nightlife.

So if you ever wondered what combining George Orwell’s 1984 novel with a pub crawl is like then look no further.

  1. Learn about New York’s Prohibition history by, well, getting drunk

During the years of Prohibition, New York’s booze bootleggers had to rely on their ingenuity and creativeness to smuggle alcohol into the city. This exclusive tour allows you to sample a few prohibition inspired drinks  which are thankfully more affordable then when they were first created so many years ago.

  1. Make friends that are good for your soul

What better way to meet a few locals while in town than through a guided tour, especially one that involves alcohol and with like-minded individuals who share a love for alcohol too. During the tour you will hear a few enchanting and hilarious stories about present New York and the New York that was once too sober to function.

  1. Visit some of the oldest and boldest watering holes in all of the city

You might feel as though you are in a James Bond movie as you explore some of the oldest speakeasies in the city (but luckily you won’t need to know a password to get in). By the end of the experience, you will know of more than one Legend!

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