Tips For Choosing The Right Venue For Your Party


Everyone loves a party and everyone especially loves a twenty first birthday party. It is a milestone in our lives and it deserves to be celebrated. When wanting to plan a party for a friend or yourself, the first thing to think about is the location. Normally planning a small get together to celebrate a normal birthday and having everyone come around to your house is acceptable, but not so, for a twenty first birthday party. This is something that needs to be celebrated well, as many other people will want to attend such an event. It is therefore important to choose where you are going to have the party wisely. Here are some tips to use when picking the right venue for your party.

  1. How Far Away Is It?

It’s important not to pick a venue that is too far away from your local area. People want to come to a party, but they don’t want to have to travel too far for it. For the guests who drink alcohol, they are going to need to find a designated driver as they don’t want to have to drive a car while intoxicated. Also, people don’t want to have to pay too much for a taxi, if the venue is far away. This makes attending the party expensive and when you add the gift on top of that, it could be a very expensive night out and they may decline the invitation. Pick somewhere well known that your guests can find easily and are familiar with.

  1. Does It have Sufficient Space?

Obviously, don’t pick somewhere too small as you probably have to fit at least one hundred guests in there and everyone needs to be comfortable. There is no point in picking a location because it’s cheaper, if everyone is going to be packed in like sardines. When looking for 21st venues in Melbourne, pick somewhere that has more than one toilet. Your guests are going to be having fun and drinking alcohol and one toilet for over a hundred guests is not suitable. If the birthday party is to occur during the colder months, then an inside venue is preferable, and if it is during the Summer months then outside is great.

  1. Does The Venue Offer Catering Services?

When choosing a venue, try to find somewhere that will provide catering as well. If they don’t, you need to think about the hassle you are going to experience when you have to prepare food and then get it to the venue, while still warm. You need to think about the possibility of food poisoning if the food isn’t served at the temperature it should be. Having catered facilities on site is a great advantage and will make your life and the lives of your guests much easier. Pick a facility that has catered birthday parties before and who have a good reputation.

A twenty first birthday party is an important time in someones life and needs to be celebrated correctly, and in the right location. Choose wisely as we only get one of these special days in a life time.


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