How to get permit and reservation for accommodation in Jim Corbett Park?


The true wildlife and nature enthusiasts find Jim Corbett Park no less than a delight to their eyes. It is anyway one of a kind adventure to have a tryst with the Royal Bengal Tiger. But, you may have ended up the thought of a trip to Jim Corbett because you were unaware of the way to take permits and reserve your spot in Jim Corbett Resorts and hotels. Or else, you may have thought that this is a tedious task.

To clear your pangs of doubts pertaining to this, we have tried to cover all the permits and reservations you would need. Take a look.

Note: The forest is managed by the Forest Department of Uttarakhand and so, to get permits you have to seek the permission of the concerned authority.

Even for entering the park, you need the permission of the authorities. The permits can broadly be bifurcated into two types- Day Safari and the other is FRH accommodation. The day permit is the easier one. You can get it from outside the gate as well. The permit for the night and stay at Forest rest houses inside the forest can be obtained from the reception area in the Ramnagar city. Both of these can be booked online in advance as well. Once booked the amount is not refundable or transferable. Moreover, if you don’t get permission or don’t want to stay in FRH, you can choose any resort out of the Jim Corbett resorts.

Day Safari Permit:

There are six tourism zones in Jim Corbett National Park. If you want to have a fulfilling experience, then you should aim to visit all the zones. Here is a table showing the safari zones and the entry gate for them respectively.

Safari Zones      


Safari Entry Gate
Bijrani Amdanda
Dhikala Dhangarhi
Durgadevi Durgadevi
Dhela Dhela
Sonanadi Vatanvasa

Permits are given to jeep safari and maximum of 2 children and 6 adults are allowed in a jeep. No private vehicles are allowed. Limited number of safaris are allowed in the park at a time so that the animals don’t get intimidated.

Tip: Most of the zones have time constraints even during the day except Dhikala. So, you should plan to go to other zones according to their day timings and then visit Dhikala zone to save time and enjoy to the fullest.

A registered guide is mandatory along with a Jeep Safari is also a prerequisite.

Canter Safari:

The Dhikala zone doesn’t allow Jeep safari and so canter safaris are available for the visitors. It is actually a bus that can accommodate 16 people. It is advisable to book a seat in advance so that you don’t miss exploring the Dhikala zone due to no availability of seat.

Note: Jeep safari is allowed only to those visitors who have booked a night stay in the region.

Elephant Safari Permit:

Elephant safari is available in Dhikala and Bijrani region. In Dhikala only those staying in FRH can enjoy elephant ride but in Bijrani zone everyone can. Only a few elephants are used and they are available on a first come, first serve basis. Only 4 people at a time can sit on the elephant and one child up to 5 years of age. No elephant safari is available on Monday.

Accommodation Permit:

The booking in the forest rest houses can be made for a minimum of 1 night to a maximum of three nights. Lohachaur, Rathuadhab, Halduparao, Mundiapani, Morghatti, Sendhikhal and Dhela are the areas where visitors can book a stay. However, they are mostly booked months before by visitors. So, you can also explore Jim Corbett Resorts and book one according to your preference. If you have booked the FRH online, permit will be obtained at the Ramnagar Reception Office.

Note: Foreigners are allowed to book spot 90 days in advance and Indians can book in 45 days in advance.

In short, it is always better to book in advance, otherwise, Jim Corbett resorts are readily available outside the park. Moreover, Jeep safaris are more easily available than the cater safari and elephant safari are the hardest to book. Don’t frown because you didn’t get a booking, just make it a point to find some ride or the other to explore all the zones and have an enthralling experience.

Happy Staycation/ Vacation!


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