5 Lesser Known Fun Things to Do in Goa


Without any denial, Goa is like Ibiza to India. The place accepts everyone with open arms and no judgements. This is one of the favourite tourist destination of the people of not just India but abroad as well. The first thing that comes to the mind of anyone and everyone going to Goa is the beaches. However, there are other things as well that the tourists can enjoy apart from basking in the sun on the beachside.

Here is what they are.

  • Visit the heritage-

It is high time that people realise that Goa is more than beaches, corals, and seashells. The architecture of this place is worth seeing. Visit monuments, churches and other historical places. To ease your trip you can easily book one of the hotels in Calangute beach,Goa. The best thing besides the beauty of the architect is that it makes you see the culture of the place closely.

  • Goa Houseboat-
    If you are a couple visiting Goa, there can be nothing better than spending time together in a boathouse. You will even get to eat the delectable Goan cuisine, see the dolphins coming out, watch the birdlife and much more.
  • The Plantations-
    Goa is also a supplier of spices and thus you cannot escape the influence of the same. In fact, it is the spices that make Goan cuisine so unique. The spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg are mainly farmed here. According to us, visiting such plantations is a must.
  • Camping-
    You can surely stay in one of the best hotels in Calangute beach, Goa but all the luxury in the world would not be able to match the experience of camping that too on a beachside. So, don’t miss this, try it even if you are a group of friends.
  • Visit market-
    There are so many local markets in Goa that sell bohemian dresses, Indian attires, spices and everything else. You should definitely go to visit the local markets and the night markets around the Calangute Beach and other beaches you are in and around.
  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls-
    The natural beauty of Goa cannot be witnessed anywhere else as much as this beautiful waterfalls region. This will come in your way to Goa. So, make sure you visit this place before reaching to the hotels in Calangute beach Goa. These are one of the largest waterfalls in India and are scenic because they go down the cliff faces and behind train tracks.
  • Wildernest Nature Resort-
    This resort in Goa will make you see Goa from a whole new different angle. This resort lets you watch beautiful birds, and educational trials of nature while giving you a place to stay in the heart of it and the lap of nature.

So, do yourself a favor by going to these places as well rather than just lazily soaking in the sun at the beachside. Let us know your views about this in the comments section below. Also, name other less known things to do or place to visit in Goa.


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