Packing List For Your Bali Cruise Tour


Travelling to Bali, one of Indonesia’s most popular islands is a step into another world. In itself, the name conjures up a sense or foreignness or exoticism especially if you’ve never been there. It is this feeling that often makes it hard for new travellers to know what they should take on their tour to Bali.

You won’t need much for your Bali cruise tour and even if you forget something, you’re most likely to find it locally available for purchase since the island is hardly deserted. However, if you want to take full advantage of Bali’s unique shopping experience, pack like a pro and bring less. Here are some of the essential things to bring with you on your trip to Bali.

Documents and money

Before travelling to Bali, ensure that you make two copies of travel insurance papers, passport and receipts for traveller’s cheques as well as other important travel documents that you bring with you on every trip. Put one pair of the copies in your day bag and the other pair in your luggage bag to avoid disaster in case one of the other gets lost. If you intend to visit other countries in Southeast Asia, ensure you bring additional passport-sized photos as they will come in handy when applying for a tourist visa.

Even though the island has a plethora of Western-networked ATMs, ensure that you carry back-up cash in case the network has a glitch. Also consider bringing with you some US dollars that can be cashed in for emergency funds should your ATM be compromised or a few traveller’s cheques.


While beach attire is the go to outfit, remember to dress appropriately depending on the activities you’re going to be doing. If your bali cruise tour features visits to sacred sites, pack something that covers your shoulders and knees. If you’re going for a romantic dinner cruise then carry something that will compliment that. Since the weather there is mostly sunny, opt for light cotton clothing.

You might not need much clothing as you expect so try and keep your packing light as you might be tempted to do a little shopping. Remember to keep your clothing separate from anything that can spill in case of pressure or temperature changes.


A pair of reliable flip-flops is the standard- issue type of footwear for Bali. You may visit some places such as temples, restaurants, bars and shops where you will be required to remove your shoes at the door. For this reason, flip-flops are the most ideal since they are very easy to slide on and off.

If your cruise features a hiking activity then you may need proper hiking sandals or shoes. However, also carry a pair of your fancy shoes just in case and also because some high-end clubs enforce dress codes that prohibit flip-flops or sandals.

Bringing electronics on your cruise tour

You are most likely to bring along your laptop, smartphone, tablet or ebook reader to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi on the cruise tour. It is essential that you know how to protect your fragile electronics in a tropical environment like the one experienced in Bali.

Indonesia uses the two-pronged, round CEE7 power outlet that are commonly used in Europe. The voltage is 230 volts/50 Hz so you won’t require a step-down power transformer since most device chargers can automatically handle the higher voltage. Well, unless you’re planning to carry your hair dryer. While you may be provided with a universal outlet that works with many cord types, consider carrying a small adaptor to accommodate your devices.

Consider bringing your own sunscreen, toiletries and consumables just in case the brands you use are not available in the island. With that said, going on cruise tour is a magical experience therefore come with a friendly heart, an open mind, and a spirit of adventure as well as patience and Bali will do the rest.


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