Best Way to see Barcelona Flamenco Shows


Flamenco is impassioned Spanish dance. It is one of the many things that come to our minds, when thinking about traveling to Spain. However, not many know about its interesting history and what it represents.

This Spanish dance talks about the events that took place more than 200 years ago. Originally, it was not a dance, but a song popularly called Palo Secos. The performers would sing, and occasionally stomp their feet and clap, giving rhythm to the series of chants. These songs were mostly about the life of traveling gypsies, working class people, devoutly religious, etc.

Flamenco Experience

If you are visiting Barcelona, Spain, then you must see flamenco show. There are many groups that perform this dance and each one of them have a unique style of telling stories. There are a number of options where you can attend this show, some are expensive, while others can be seen at metros or on streets for free. You could book Barcelona Flamenco Shows Barcelona tickets easily online.

Barcelona is one of the most visited tourist destination in the world. It is also a hub for a number of flamenco shows conducted by popular hotels, restaurants, carnivals, and other event organizing companies.

If you and your partner are wondering what you can do on an evening in Barcelona, then a flamenco show is a must add to your itinerary. The best way to experience flamenco show is the plan well in advance. Here are a few step to help you plan better.

What are you looking for?

Many a times, we have numerous options to choose from, we tend to get confused. In a city like Barcelona, a home to many talented artists and having great Spanish tradition, this is a common scenario. Visiting a wrong place can be frustrating, and thus you needs to ask yourself, what exactly are you looking for?

When you are looking for a cozy Spanish evening, a flamenco guitar recital may be a good idea. One can not ask for anything more while listening to masters of flamenco guitar in a beautiful venue at a reasonable rate.

How about some flamenco dance?

Some of the places try to attract tourist by offering combos such guitar and wine or dinner and show. This might not always workout well for those tourists who want to enjoy watching the show and still stick to their travel budget. It is good to enjoy this unique cultural show in an exotic location, and later go to a restaurant.

Read Reviews

Whether you are a foreigner or a local, it doesn’t matter, you can always rely on online reviews. By doing so, you’ll be able to review the good and the bad of the place that you wan to book to see the show.

Making the most out of your experience

Do not hesitate in trying out new places. Just to save a few bucks, do not opt for a place that does not meet your expectations. In the end, you’ll be disappointed and ruin your trip.


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